More Fun With Fred’s Whip

Fred and Patty are playing with the whip again:

He helped me put the cuffs on and placed me over the pillows I’d piled in the middle of our bed when I first got home. Putting me into four point restraints followed suit.

“See this?” he pressed the coiled whip in my face as soon as he had me tied right.

I nodded, struggling to control an intense wave of anxiety.

“Kiss it Patty.”

I whimpered and obeyed.

“You want to it don’t you?”

“No! I’m afraid of it!”

“Yes, as you should be. But deep inside you, you’re curious aren’t you?”

I balked, struggled against the ropes and turned my head away. There was no way I could admit that. We’d never really talked about that yet. Wanting spankings and punishments had been hard enough to admit and accept. The curiosity and intrigue that the idea of being literally whipped woke up in me was just not comfortable. I could expose my anus and spread my ass cheeks for him and grasp stoke and revel in our reciprocal desires, yet I struggled with the whip?

“Patty?” There was an ominous warning in the tone of his voice. It made me tremble. I could fail here if I hid from the truth.

“OK! Yes I’m curious. I’m scared too!”

“That’s better. Fear is easy, curious is even better.”

He brought the whip down across my backside. I screamed and bucked, rearing up off the pillows as much as I could.

He chuckled and let me settle down. “That’s the way brat. 5 more like that and I know that you’re curiosity will be putty in my hands.”

He’s evil! But he was right. The whip has that searing tissue wrenching allure that only a cane wielded full force cane approach. The narrow but heavy schoolmaster strap ranks way up there with them too. Dished out hard for punishment they have the potential to be horrific instruments. Offered up for intense play under the right conditions and I already know the cane and strap are exquisite. The whip has not yet entered my sexual mind though.

Fred started to change that Friday night.

Even though whipping play goes a bit past the comfort zones of many spankos, there can be no doubt after reading Patty that for some, it’s a great way to have fun with limit-stretching and feminine curiousity.

  1. patty commented on March 3rd, 2006:

    :) Thank you for the notice SB. I posted part 2 (the real whip play) this morning. I enjoyed the challenge. With my curiosity satisfied, I’ll be happy to go back to nice stingy hand spankins now. *g*

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