Licking And Spanking

Here’s a fun bit of vintage lesbian spanking art — I suppose if her tongue gets tired, a bit of pussy switching is just the thing to reinvigorate it:

lesbian pussy whipping

Full sized artwork is here.

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  1. jessica commented on February 15th, 2006:

    Yummm! Perfect! To lick, and to be whipped. And forced to lick some more, and to be whipped some more. The ideal slavegirl’s place — raw tongue, sore pussy!

    — jessica

  2. Master Jack commented on March 22nd, 2006:

    Leaving aside the lesbain aspect, I find it interesting that so many of the spanking photos on the net are of women spanking women. And when it comes to spanking, it seems sisterhood is servere. The women disciplinarians leave no bottom unburned when they start tanning the fanniers of the errant misses. And I don’t know why, but I think it is as much if not more of a turn-on to see a woman with a beautiful submissive across her knees as it is when the “top” is male.

  3. barathian commented on August 13th, 2014:

    My experience, which isn’t recent, is that the girlies are indeed a lot more vicious than the men.

    In the 1980s I had a bi-girlfriend who was into S&M. She was both dominant and submissive and dealt it out as hard as she got. And those two could deal it out to one another in spades. Bright red tits and red pussies, welted backs and shoulders, red asses. Sometimes neither could wear a low-cut top the next day!

    Both had one particular passion; whipping their girlfriends pussy while sitting on their face. My then-girlfriends ‘friend’ had a particular passion for whipping my girlfiends pussy hard and then having me fuck her (my girlfriend seemed to enjoy the same).

    I in the meantime was a real wimp compared to what these two could inflict on each other. A few screams through gags and I would be loosening it and asking ‘are you OK?’ only to get a ‘for fuck’s sake, get on with it!’ reply from either of them.

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