Leather Fly Swatter?

Apparently somewhere out there, there’s a rich flyfisherman (but I repeat myself) who lounges about in his hipwaders of the finest hand-harvested plantation gum rubber, fondling his fishing flies while swatting the real ones with a genuine $60 leather flyswatter from Orvis.

Maybe, but I don’t believe it — any more than I believe any of those expensive bespoke riding crops in those ritzy hunt shops in London ever touch the heaving flanks of a horse. Heaving flanks of a cute kept woman, is more like.

  1. allie commented on January 30th, 2006:

    I bought a leather flyswatter at a hardware store in the Ohio Amish Country area. It has a metal handle..but the very same leather swatter. Lots of cheeks…but not flies have been swatted with it!

  2. AngelBrat commented on January 30th, 2006:

    WEG. Me thinks you may be correct, sir. :)

  3. Am (aka C./Confused) commented on January 31st, 2006:

    We bought a leather fly swatter a few years back at a cook shop in East Sussex (UK). Don’t think it ever swatted a fly in our possesion ;)

    The riding crops, otoh, do get used on horses as well as on people – some people think it makes them a better rider if they have the snazziest kit they can afford – including those expensive riding drops (instead spending the money on, say, lessons). I’ve ridden with people like that…

  4. Jimbo commented on February 1st, 2006:

    Ritzy hunting shops no more, though, methinks – seeing as we’ve now officially banned hunting over here. Mabye they should all now just suck it up and proclaim their true intentions? (Though I don’t know if even London is ready for highstreet spanking shops.)

  5. Am (aka C./Confused) commented on February 1st, 2006:

    So long as it’s drag hunting, it’s still allowed :) (That’s people on horses following hounds following a pre-laid scent, not anything more suspect…)

    And we have the likes of Ann Summers and Harmony on the High Streets – both of whom sell (very naff) spanking toys

  6. Jimbo commented on February 2nd, 2006:

    Good point :) I bow to your superior hunting/mainstream-spanking-toy-outlet knowledge!

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