Spanked (And Whatnot) Over The Couch Back

So it seems Bonnie got put over the couch back for a good brisk paddling — and whatnot — the other day. It started with pants on, but didn’t end that way:

“Let’s see how we’re doing.” My lover’s tone was now almost comically clinical. Were I not so much in discomfort, I might have giggled. He unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them to the floor. My underwear quickly followed. Randy examined my toasted tail, tracing sore spots with his fingers.

“Very nice.” He said as he began to rub the smooth wooden paddle against my exposed skin. I gasped involuntarily. Soon, he was tapping me with a light but insistent cadence. I fought back the urge to escape. I bravely stayed in position.

Randy derives a special glee from surprising me. What he did next was a truly excellent surprise. Instead of continuing my paddling on the bare, he tossed the implement to the side. His dancing fingertips brought tingles to my lower back, my hips, my throbbing bottom, my thighs, and ultimately, my love canyon. His touch generated shivers of excitement and desire. He made me glad I stayed in place.

He next lowered his own trousers….

  1. Bonnie commented on January 19th, 2006:


    I do enjoy a little whatnot with my spanking! :D

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