Squids Can Count

I’ve added a funny new-ish blog (well, it’s almost a blog, all it’s lacking is outbound links of any sort) by SarAdora, who’s perhaps better known for her spanking fiction. She’s married to an admiral with a hard hand, which she clearly enjoys:

It’s only January 4th and I’m already exhausted from being so good. Cowboy says I have another 360+ days to behave. I had no idea they taught squids to count. I always thought “3” was as high as he could go and get the numbers in the right order. When His Holiness and I were first married, he’d count to 3 when he thought I was doing something I shouldn’t be doing. The premise is the parent/child thing. Today’s kids know when mommy or daddy gets to 3, their world is going to come to an end… ergo, a spanking ensues. The first time he did that, I had no idea why he was counting. Nobody ever did that when I was growing up and if they had, we would have laughed. Where I lived, you hit me and I retaliated ten-fold no matter how much bigger you were. Not too many people hit me twice. So… the squid counts to 3 and I hint that 4 is next.

“Then 5, then 6. I think that’s as high as you should go till you practice a little,” I told him.


Truly, the man is sensitive about his counting skills.

Now, on the rare occasion he forgets that counting is something I ignore, and yells “ONE!” I roll my eyes and try not to mutter “Outstanding! Do I have a bid for two? This is a gem, folks. How about the gentleman in the back – did you want to bid again, sir?” Inevitably, I finish my little speech from the “over his shoulder” position and if I’m really feeling like a warrior princess, I still mutter when he upends me.

Silly girl, of course squids can count. They have to be able to count ammo; how else would they know when their magazines are full?

  1. Debbie commented on January 18th, 2006:

    I checked this blog out and I just love her. She’s hilarious! Thanks for alerting us to her!

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