Girl With The Grumpies Contemplates Spanking

This blog entry is interesting because it features Girl On Lust wondering whether good sound spankings would keep her grumpiness and petulance in line:

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a man who would spank me when I’m being un-necessarily grumpy or petulant.

On the one hand, sometimes I get really stuck on a mood- even though I know it’s irrational or silly to feel that way, I just can’t get out of it, and I think the strong hand of a firm Master would certainly shake me out of that- being bent over his knee (interestingly I’ve never had a proper over the knee spanking) his hand shoving my shorts and panties down roughly, stroking over my skin, sliding between my cheeks to toy with my ass, teasing my pussy lightly before bringing his hand down hard on me. Perhaps I’d be so petulant that I wouldn’t want him to tease me- he’d just have to go straight to spanking me, reddening my ass until I cried and begged for him to stop.

On the other hand, I’ve never been really easy to shake from a mood. While that particular method has never really been tried, usually if people try and fail I get irritated with them, and frustrated with myself- it wouldn’t be good if my Master tried to spank me and it didn’t work. But I suppose that’s why he’s the Master and I’m the slave- because he does what he wants anyway, it’s not really spanking for my benefit.

If he wanted to spank me for being petulant, I wouldn’t have a choice. So it might work.

What do you think?

What do I think? I think the answer is almost certainly yes, if she can form the question.

But then, I would say that.

Whether or not such a spanking would cure the petulance of the moment, there’s also the matter of recidivism to consider. In my time I’ve shared living spaces with more than one sometimes-petulant woman. The ones I didn’t spank were petulant a lot; at one point you could have convinced me that grumpy petulance was a standard mode of female existence. The one I do spank for petulance is petulant only rarely, and she generally stops immediately when I ask “why are you being so fractious today?” (Which, of course, is code for “Were you hoping for a spanking just now?”)

  1. H commented on January 9th, 2006:

    I’m kind of petulant, it works for me! ;-)

    Great blog!

  2. Princess commented on January 10th, 2006:

    Gee a girl can hope can’t she! I find myself being extra naughty around my boyfriend just on the off chance. he just gets annoyed and leaves. :( Oh well!!

  3. girlonlust commented on January 13th, 2006:

    *grins* I find myself wondering this increasingly the more I snap at my friends and family- I’m not a bad person, I just need a spanking! ;)

    Thanks for talking about my blog!


  4. Tamsin commented on January 13th, 2006:

    It is great to find someone who feels the same. I have very long and bad moods just for the sakeof it – but hvae never found anyone who would take me on for a spanking. Something I long for. I wonder often whether it would work or whether perhaps I would find it too much fun and enjoy it too much. The thought of bend over and having my panties taken down is almost too much. Would love to find someone who would take it on though – good luck

  5. Avonelle commented on January 14th, 2006:

    I have found that a good spanking can cure a plethora of ‘ills’ – as it were! Thankfully, my DBF (Dear Boy Friend) is FULLY aware of this!

    I DO tend to be a bit naughty when I ‘know’ I ‘need’ a good spanking!!! OMG!!! He is SO obliging!!! All of life is better, afterwards…

    Enjoy! I do!

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