The Way Of A Spanking Man

One of the bits of clandestine literature that made a strong impression on me in my lustful adolescence was the classic The Way Of A Man With A Maid. Here’s an excerpt from Part II (courtesy of A Taste Of The Birch):

At last I brought the whip down smartly across the top of her hips. It made a soft smacking sound but left no mark, although Marion sucked in her breath and jerked nervously, perhaps more from the torturing suspense than from the stroke itself. ‘That is one!’ I counted aloud.

She bent her head, closed her eyes, while I stared over her shoulder at the mirror, feasting my appetites to the utmost. You can have no idea how really mouthwatering Alice’s sister was, standing there stark naked except for her black stockings and the flouncy rosette garters, her legs slightly spread, her arms drawn up so high that her pectoral muscles were in bold relief, and the uptilting insolent pears of her breasts surged out in dazzling elegance as if in a contest of love goddesses!!

I dealt the second cut a little lower down , just over the top of her prominent and firm bottom ovals, and I enjoyed the sight of the lash clinging to those tender hemispheres and the tip flicking round towards the area of her tender groin. Marion gasped a little more loudly this time, nervously tried to shift from foot to foot, and dragged on her wrists. From the way her sides were trembling, for I could see her ribcage plainly outlined against the taut olive skin, I knew that she must be fatigued from the long duration of her atonement. As this would increase the overall stress on her nerves and psyche to bring me the most voluptuous gratification I hardened my heart and directed the third cut about an inch below the place where the second had landed.

Her hips gave an involuntary swerve to this side and that, her head tilted back a little and her eyes opened wide. Intently following her reflection, I perceived that her eyes were full of tears and that her nostrils were beginning to dilate rapidly….

  1. Joey8up commented on October 13th, 2008:

    I too discovered this series of books when I was a teenager..and could read it almost anywhere…nobody knew what the book was. so the cover meant nothing to anybody that saw me reading it and commented that is was nice to see a young man reading for a change..I believe there were two or three different Books, I seem to remember a scenario with a lady and her mother also..that one sent me to my room for awhile with the door locked.

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