Spanking Cure (Shorthand Version)

Here’s a stress relief spanking cure told in shorthand, but no less fun to read for all that:

Anyway, I’ve been spiraling for a bit now, and last night was really Nick’s first opportunity to deal with it. He spanked, I moved, my pants came down, he spanked, I moved again, he spanked longer and harder and with dire enough threats for even more that I stayed put. And I cried. I cried and cried for probably half an hour, gasping, wrenching sobs that shook my body and purged absolutely all the bad shit out. Then we made love, and he held me, and my world was right again.

Thank you, sugar.

From AngelBrat.

  1. AngelBrat commented on December 16th, 2005:

    Thank you for the link, Dan. :) Happy spanking!

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