Spanking From Several Angles

There’s no spankee in the world who isn’t cute from this angle:

cute girl bent over a couch for spanking with paddle and tawse

Or this one:

cute girl getting paddled and looking unhappy

And what’s this? Tears? Awwww….

cute girl crying after being spanked

From Girls Boarding School.

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  1. asff commented on November 30th, 2005:

    She is really pretty. How do sites like that find models?

  2. SpankBoss commented on November 30th, 2005:

    I hear that finding and recruiting spanking models is something of an art. I think there are two approaches: 1) find spanko women and offer them money; or 2) find non-spanko women and offer them lots of money. Recruiting porn models is also something like dating; you have to be willing to ask a lot and get shot down a lot.

    This is all just what I’ve read and heard — I don’t have any experience recruiting models.

  3. Niko commented on December 1st, 2005:

    Looking at the bio pics I think the gorguous cutie is Kelly, but she is not to be found in the recent updates, Spankboss where do you find them?

  4. Mr Nadz commented on December 2nd, 2005:

    That too, is an art :-)

  5. Storm Rider commented on December 5th, 2005:

    Bonnie asked if I would stop by and say “Hi”.
    I must admit when I first started looking at the pics I was thinking “Wow , this woman has no worry about showing her pics! (THEN , I READ THEY WERE FROM A MOVIE!)

  6. Michael_James commented on December 14th, 2005:

    The Girl’s Boarding School do good work don’t they. God, I wish I was that guy’s friend!


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