The Spanking Cure For Grouchiness

Brat from Pink Bottomed Girls knows the cure for when she gets grouchy:

Pink pulled down my pjs and began to spank me with her hand. I was lectured about how much it bothered her when I was whiny, that I don’t always need to be bratty, that I should tell her what I want, and be clear when I need her attention. Then Pink grabbed the tiny black leather strap. Her hand had stung, but that little black strap is mean and made me wiggle. When I kicked my feet, she smacked the strap down hard onto my calves. Oh that hurt, I was determined not to have her do that again. The little strapping was followed by a volley of quick smacks from the paddle-ball paddle. Pink finished my having me count five hard smacks with the paddle ball paddle. Pink petted my hair and calmed me. She let me off her lap and hugged me tight. I snuggled up against her, and Pink read to me as I fell asleep.

There is no better cure for a grouchy mood than a quick spanking before bed.

Unless it’s a not-so-quick spanking….

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