Betty Getting Spanked

This looks a lot like a certain old-fashioned comic book, but somehow I don’t remember Betty ever getting paddled like this:

Comic Book Betty getting a real hard spanking

Fan art is such wonderful stuff sometimes.

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  1. Annie commented on November 23rd, 2005:

    Grandma looks a whole lot like Archie, doesn’t she?

  2. sherlock commented on November 23rd, 2005:

    thats the teacher not oh god what is her name weathersbee was the principal , oh well
    when can we see veronica in this position

  3. Gary commented on November 24th, 2005:

    I would of read a lot more comic books if spanking like that were in them.

  4. Dave commented on November 26th, 2005:

    The teacher is Mrs Grundy I believe.

    Wow, that would be an awesome issue-Grundy spanks all the girls!

  5. Redskinluver commented on December 4th, 2005:

    Its mrs grundy. Yes,definitely veronica needs to be in that position. There are lots of other comics where a spanking scene would be great.
    Wonder Woman spanked on the seat of her spangled short-shorts
    Vampirella in her skimpy costume
    Tarzan lifts Jane;s loincloth for a bare bottom spanking
    Batman rounds up and spanks all the female villains he’s faced

  6. berny commented on May 9th, 2006:

    I would like to see veronica getting hand spanked by Archie.

  7. jane commented on December 19th, 2007:

    I’d enjoy seeing a depiction of Archie getting paddled! bare-bottom by that fat-assed! Principal Weathersbee, as Veronica & Betty watch.

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