Deeper And Deeper In Trouble

What I like about this story is how Haron describes getting deeper and deeper into trouble, while still maintaining her air of innocence:

So yes, the story goes like this. That morning we had to dash out quite early; we were in a rush. Abel grabbed a freshly delivered bottle of milk outside the front door and handed it to me with a mumble. I took the mumble for the usual order to hurry up, so I plonked the bottle on the kitchen counter, grabbed my keys and followed him outside; we needed to beat the rush hour.

Four hours later we returned home from our errand in a less frantic state. We walked into the kitchen, and Abel beheld the milk bottle on the counter.

“You didn’t put the milk in the fridge,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. (Thinking – so what?)

“You. Didn’t. Put fresh milk in the fridge.”

“Oh, yeah. Oops,” I said, realising my mistake. And then I added: “Oh well.” It was my day of speaking in simple sentences.

“Bad girl,” said Abel. It must have been his day of speaking in simple sentences, too.

I frowned and stuck my tongue out at him.

“I’ll spank you for this,” he said.

“No, you won’t,” I said. “We were in a hurry; I didn’t have time to do it. You told me to hurry up.”

“Watch your tone, young lady. I told you to put the milk in the fridge.”

A strange sort of resistance bubbled inside me. No, you didn’t tell me to do it, I wanted to say, you said “mumble-mumble”, and you were facing away from me, and we were rushing to leave the house.

But I was watching my tone, so instead of saying all this, I frowned and threw a balled-up parking sticker at him, and stomped my foot for emphasis. It felt really, really good, especially when I saw the “wooo boy” expression on his face.

“You,” he said.

“What?” I couldn’t help grinning.

“Are in so much trouble!”

Your additional reward for reading the whole thing will be an extremely dramatic account of a four-paddle-stroke bare-bottom spanking.

  1. Mija commented on November 22nd, 2005:

    It’s so sad how many people seem to delight in the smacking of poor, adorable, l’il Haron.

    Ah well. “Mejor se que mí.”

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