Baseball Player Spanking

I’m not a baseball fan, so all I can say about this is that it shows some guy named Millar grabbing and spanking the bottom of some guy named Mirabelli. Enjoy!

  1. Josh commented on November 27th, 2005:

    You should watch a whole baseball game, especially a blowout. A pat on the butt for every pitching change and home run. Though I have never seen grabbing of the cheek involved:)

  2. KM commented on April 30th, 2015:

    Quite often these “pats” look more like nice, big swats which is as it should be. I want to see more spanking in baseball (and football as well as all men’s sports for that matter)–there is nothing like seeing someone smack the ass of a baseball player with a nice rounded butt and it jiggles, but the real turn on is that the guy is oblivious to it and accepts it. The guy who smacked his ass had a need to do it and the one who got his butt smacked realized this and fulfilled the need. Don’t let “spanking” in baseball or any other sport die or succumb to something stupid like “high fives”–men need this whether gay or straight or somewhere in between. For the money baseball players make they should be willing to get ass smacked as often as fans want to see it and as much as men need it. A man’s ass was meant for more than just shitting out of so make the most of it.

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