The Swish Of The Switch

You’ll surely enjoy this nice switching vignette from Red Sneaker Diaries:

At his direction, I leaned against a log on the upwards slope, my bum cheeks blushing in the hot sun. He stepped over to the nearby path and searched for a moment, selecting a branch and examining it just at the edge of my peripheral vision. He must have been satisfied with what he saw because the next thing I knew he was behind me, grunting as green branch whistled through the air before it sharply sliced against my bottom.

I yelped and jerked, shocked at the severity of the sensation that one little innocent branch was imparting on my tender flesh. Although the branch was as thick as our cane at home, it forked many times over into small and smaller twigs, and each little piece felt like it was scratching me. I complained, only to have additional strokes laid onto my backside.

  1. Reader Questions About Whips And Canes And Switching - Spanking Blog commented on October 20th, 2010:

    […] definitely believe in switches, especially when out of doors! And if you don’t believe me, just ask […]

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