Paddled In Bed

I like hearing this almost-suprised-sounding explanation of how she liked getting paddled:

But he had that paddle in his hand. He told me to hold onto my bed. (It’s a canopy bed, so I could hold onto the upper bar.) I held onto the bar and spread my legs. He hit my ass with the paddle. The first few hits didn’t hurt. I think he was being careful, seeing what it could do and what I could take. I had the blue lights on, but I turned the bedside lamp on, said, “You want to see how red my ass is?” Because, yeah, it started to sting.

I can’t even explain what this was like. I tried to get my mind around it, to understand it, but I’m not sure I can. It hurt. But I endured it, and I liked it, and I wanted to see how much I could take. I held onto the bed, and hung my head, and just felt. It was so intense. I liked it, and I liked that he liked doing it. I didn’t want to cry or to tell him to stop. When he touched my pussy, he said I was so wet he was surprised I wasn’t dripping. If he’d have done it a little longer, I probably would have.

From Kiss N Tell Confessions.

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