Spanking Toys From Home Depot

Another nice thing about the spanking kink is that it sometimes helps recruit women into something resembling the typical male love of the hardware store. Here’s Anna in an erotic shopping frenzy:

I walked the isles of Home Depot in search of rubber tubing, but in the end settled for black vinyl irrigation tubing. At a price of $8.19 cdn for 50 feet of tubing, it definitely fell into the cheap and affordable category. I originally got the idea from Red; she has a highly prized homemade flogger made of rubber tubing that I had been admiring recently. I hadn’t expected a trip to Home Depot on this particular day, but as my mind wandered to my recent spankings, I found myself feeling the need to flex my crafty muscles so to speak.

The internet told me that an average flogger should have 15 to 25 tails each, which should be 15 to 22 inches long. I promptly cut the majority of the tubing to create 8 long pieces, which when folded would create sixteen 15″ tails with a sizable handle to allow my honey the freedom to hold and maneuver the flogger as he chose.

Of course she tests it out after making it — you had to ask?

  1. Sammi commented on October 25th, 2005:

    Heh…I can’t even go into wal-mart or the dollar tree without getting naughty ideas after reading these blogs….home depot sounds like heaven. My favorite place so far has been the thrift stores…heart shaped paddles, wooden massagers, the most interesting belts…

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