Spanking Contest

Spanking contest? You mean, where sweet young lovelies compete to see who can take the most swats without breaking position, with an extra fifty for the loser?

Whoops, sorry, wrong fantasy.

No, the real story here is that Bethie is giving away free spanking stuff over at the Spanking Den spanking discussion forum:

spanking contest prizes

The mini boat paddles are curiously effective and pleasing to the hand, and the Corner-Time Moose timer is cute. (Or so I am reliably informed by a person who has the cute-detecting chromosome — the same person, I must warn you, who takes umbrage when I suggest that she’s cute while she’s rubbing her cane welts.)

Contest rules are here — all you have to do to qualify for the winning drawings is submit an original spanking limerick or nanofic. (You will need to sign up at Spanking Den in order to post your contest entry, but it’s easy, free, and fast.)

  1. Bethie commented on October 9th, 2005:

    Don’t you just looooove the moose? :-)

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