Spanking Toys By Ikea

You know a spanking post is going to be worth your time when it starts:

After hearing rumours that IKEA was a great place to look for fun and naughty toys, it took only a moments urging before my honey and I headed out to the enormous yellow and blue box in search of fun.

This is also promising:

Shortly after we arrived home my honey decided it was time to find out if this little spatula was worth its money. He roughly pushed my over the back of our black leather couch, pulled my tight jeans down to my knees, tied my arms behind my back and lightly tapped my backside with his hand.

It gets better from there — complete with photograph! Thanks to My Not-So-Secret Self for the, er, blow-by-blow.

  1. Dan Duffy commented on September 28th, 2005:

    Daaaaaang… what a great looking toy, and freshly spanked bottom! IKEA should be pleased with the wonderful endorsements!

  2. Am (aka C./Confused) commented on September 28th, 2005:

    We have that “toy” too! Horrible thing – I must leave it on the hob at some point soon

  3. Dan Duffy commented on September 28th, 2005:

    Sounds to me like another ringing endorsement! :-)

  4. Ayzad commented on September 29th, 2005:

    Try the “SALVE” stool… Around here we joke that they just couldn’t pull calling it “slave” so they turned the letters around.

    (And they have it 89 cm tall)

  5. geezer commented on October 1st, 2005:

    A few months ago I also visited Ikea and came across an item going by the name of ‘ ARTUR ‘, this was a tressle designed to be bought in pairs and a table top of your choice could be added. With only slight modifications and a little padded leatherette this has now become a classic spanking/caning tressle for a total cost of about £20.00,
    and we all know how much you would have to pay for a factory produced tressle.

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