Spank This!

If you’re a spanko guy like me, a picture like this just makes your right hand twitch! Hand, paddle, belt, whatever’s handy — but something needs swatted here!

Megan needs a spanking

From this MeganQT gallery.

  1. "Blue" commented on August 28th, 2005:

    I’m left handed, and it definitely has the urge to do grasp some implement firmly!

  2. Mike commented on August 28th, 2005:

    There’s something about a girl in tight denim jeans that seems to say “spank me”. Girls wearing tight jeans know they’ve got a good-looking butt, and I reckon they’re probably into spanking!!

  3. Spankophile commented on August 28th, 2005:

    Ha ha, that one made me laugh and also made me want to spank her just as much as you!! There is no doubt this is one younglady desperatly in need of a good long sound spanking with those jeans and her panties down.

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