A Quick Switching

If you’ve ever read any of the Gor books, you’ll know (oh, how painfully you will know) that John Norman was never given to sparsity in his prose. Which makes this account of a slave girl’s switching and subsequent sale a miracle of brevity:

An officer of Svein Blue Tooth, assisted by two thralls, quickly assessed Dagmar, stripping her, feeling her body, the firmness of her breasts, looking in her mouth.

“A tarn disk of silver,” he said.

Dagmar had, two months ago, stolen a piece of cheese from Pretty Ankles; she had been beaten for that, at the post; fastened there by Ottar and switched by Pretty Ankles, until Pretty Ankles had tired of switching her, too; she had not been found sufficiently pleasing by several of the Forkbeard’s oarsmen; she was, accordingly, to be sold off, as an inferior girl.

“Done,” said the Forkbeard.

Dagmar was sold.

I believe that’s from Marauders Of Gor.

  1. Eric B commented on August 22nd, 2005:

    Yes, Marauders. One of the more digestible and humorous Gor books. EB

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