What’s Going On Here?

I’ve looked at a lot of spanking pictures over the years, but I confess I don’t quite understand this one. I’ve seen girls doing a lot of things while getting spanked, but is this cute “schoolgirl” from Spanking Online actually chewing her nails?

spanked girl gnawing her fingers

If she’s that bored, perhaps he needs to spank a little harder….

  1. mikki_rosie commented on August 1st, 2005:

    i agree… i know if i was getting spanked proper, i sure as hell wouldn’t be chewing my nails… scrabbling at the floor with them, maybe,but chewing them? never…

    i’de like to see her spanked harder just on principle… i HATE “play” spankings, little pitty-pat dabblings. it’s only my opinion, or preference, one might say, but it IS my preference that one should either spank, or don’t… if you are, then make it one that brings some colour and some reaction! after all, you don’t have to bruise to spank well…

    *grins* but then again, you knew that, hm?

  2. Morgan commented on August 2nd, 2005:

    She looks a little old to be a school girl. I agree with the last comment. I hate it when my husband just gives me tiny little slaps.

  3. SpankBoss commented on August 2nd, 2005:

    She looks a little old to be a school girl.

    Gosh, I would certainly hope so. Do you suppose that’s why I put “schoolgirl” in quotation marks?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this blog is about adult erotic spanking. If I ever post a “schoolgirl” picture where the “girl” in question isn’t “a little old”, I’d expect to be condemned for it, and rightly. So I guess I’m missing the point of your critique, Morgan.

    Not trying to be mean here. I’m just having a confused “and your point is?” moment.

  4. Señor Diez commented on August 8th, 2005:

    Es verdaderamente increíble como una spankee puede ser tan maleducada, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que se dice en el artículo, si está tan aburrida es porque hay que darle mucho más fuerte, con eso ya no se comería las uña.



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