Sweet Spanking

Isn’t it fun when spanking is still the new thing? From Sugar Sweets:

Again, I stopped for a moment to wiggle my ass at him, hinting at what I wanted. He licked his middle finger and immediately pressed it against my tight asshole, eager to slip it inside. But I had something different in mind and moved away from his hand. “What would you like me to do?” he whispered as I felt his hard cock lightly kiss the back of my thigh with his pre-cum. I giggled like an embarrassed little schoolgirl. My face still buried in the pillow, I asked him to give me a spanking. I felt like such a naughty girl but my heart raced with excitement, knowing he’d be happy to oblige.

The heat of his flat palm against my backside sent the blood rushing to my pussy. Each slap was louder and harder than the last. I braced myself, making sure I was receiving the full strenth of his hand against my flesh. He started at the roundest part of my cheeks and then his hand gave me a few quick slaps a little further down, almost to my pussy. He knew I liked a gentle smack against my sensitive labia when I was really worked up. I raised my ass even higher.

  1. Pranger commented on August 1st, 2005:

    Believe it or not it took me five year to find out what a warmed ass would do for my wife, Claudia. We were doing the doggie thing one summer afternoon and she made some smart remark and I wacked her playfully on her sweet ass. “Yes” she squealed and began thrashing g her ass against me and had a fantasatic organism. taking her over my knee with her panties at half mast has been part of our play ever since

  2. babydoll commented on August 11th, 2005:

    My Husband spanks my bottom very hard, but he also turns me over and slaps my pussy. It’s very arousing to both of us, and I love to feel the swollen sting the next day. It also really calms me down…

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