Spanked In Blue Jeans

Like a lot of guys, I tend to think a spanking’s not really a spanking unless it’s delivered properly onto a deliciously bare bottom. Sometimes I’ll give Bethie a few whacks when she’s fully dressed, just to see her jump; but it takes a pretty good implement to get any effect.

That said, there’s a certain appeal to tightly stretched denim. Sure, this girl looks like she’s laughing as that big mean paddle is held a quarter inch from her butt:

laughing at the paddle over her jeans

But it’s a BIG paddle. She’s not laughing now:

grimacing as she gets paddled over her jeans

More (including her very sore bottom getting the belt) can be seen in this gallery seen on Spank Slaves; photo credits go to Real Spankings, which is part of the Real Spankings Pass family of sites.

  1. Haron commented on July 25th, 2005:

    You’re right, there definitely is a place in kinkdom for tightly stretched denim! It warms up, and doesn’t let one’s spanked bottom cool down for a while.

    In this instance, though, I can’t understand why it was necessary to take her top off, but not her jeans. “Right, young lady, you’re about to be paddled, so take off your… er… bra?”

  2. Redskinluver commented on August 14th, 2005:

    Variety is the spice of life. Spankings over some sort of clothing are a welcome change of pace. Besides as few as some women wear, not like they’d be ineffective. Would like to see more pictures of spankings in short-shorts, bathing suits, tennis dress panties, etc, And of course the Thong, both lingerie and bathing suit type. have in fact written some stories for spankingclassics site with this element. Sometimes having on clothes makes the scene seem more realistic. After all, John Wayne spanked Maureen O’Hara with her fully clothed in Quiet Man and MCClintock!

  3. jim commented on August 18th, 2005:

    What a lovely sight. I’ve seen this very video, and it’s quite an erotic visual to watch the spankee’s chest shimmy a little bit as the Domme lays on a series of hard strokes with her strap. That is why she was instructed to remove her top. A little symmetry in the scene is a nice thing.


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