The Brat Loop Cures Fractiousness

It seems like we’ve been fighting summer colds and other minor medical complaints for quite awhile, which has kept the spanking to a dull roar. Lack of energy, lack of playfulness, or lack of time, y’all know how it is.

And how it is, of course, is that when the spankings flag, Bethie gets just a wee bit fractious.

Which is why, when she came jumping naked on the bed yesterday for some snuggles after her shower, I had a couple of recent fractiousness episodes fresh in my mind. And then somehow (I forget the details) she said something that caused me to threaten to get up and get my favorite spatula. (It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s made in France.) “No!” she said just a little too sharply. “Not that nasty old thing!”

OK, fine. I’m nothing if not flexible. So I leaped up and got the Cracker Barrel Paddle. Several quick swats with that, and she’s squawking. “No, no, stoppit, stoppit, it’s too much!”

Who’s running this spanking, anyway?

No problem. It’s Brat Loop time!

Dang, that thing is a fine piece of spanking technology. I still haven’t used it with a full arm swing, but the day will come. Yesterday, I swung it hard and fast and repeatedly, but using only elbow and wrist. Bethie stopped squawking and turned her full attention to pounding on the bed with both fists. I had to tease her that it looked like she was trying to flap her wings and take off. Very quickly she was pleading with me to stop, but at least she no longer sounded like she was issuing instructions.

Not quite so quickly, I did stop — it was a pretty short spanking as such things go around here, but an Impression Seemed To Have Been Made. Used lightly, the Brat Loop didn’t make any immediate marks, but there was a substantial heat where it had been landing. After a few minutes, three or four curved puffy welts began to show at the edge of the strike zone.

Bethie spent much of the rest of the afternoon complaining about sore spots, and then pretending to be outraged at my cheerful “Excellent! That was the idea!” style rejoinders. And in between these mock complaints, snuggling up in most friendly fashion.

  1. Bethie commented on July 1st, 2005:

    And I still have a sore spot, too! That’s not a complaint though. *grin*

  2. Nadz commented on July 3rd, 2005:

    Dang, if that brat loop looks anything as sturdy as the photo, then “OUCH!” is all I can say … oh and “Poor Bethie” :-)

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