Giving His First Spanking

From Jake Bullet comes this account of giving his first OTK spanking:

I first got into BDSM by finding a spanking website at the tender age of 15…in the school computer lab no less. For awhile (read from about 15-17.5 years old), I was into mostly spanking and thought bondage, rope, flogging, needles, etc. were nice, but not my main gig. But while I have fantasized about spanking for years, I’ve never had the chance to give a bare bottom, OTK handspanking. Until last night.

After a little fun negotiation, I stood the Poet up, removed her pants for her, bent her over my knee and fulfilled one of my first fantasies. I was amazed at how great it felt to feel her gently squirm, to rub her warm pink skin, to watch as her very cute butt changed from white to a delightful pink. I mean, it was simple and there was no roleplay or other aspects, but it was really special to me.

Sounds like he had fun!

  1. Jake Bullet commented on June 27th, 2005:

    How cool is this?? I’ve been quoted on the spanking blog. :) Thanks so much.

    Jake Bullet

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