Father’s Day Shopping

From Annie’s Blog, some short notes on Father’s Day shopping (you have to go read to get the chasing-and-spanking-while-talking-like-Donald-Duck):

This tack shop is a hoot – there’s a sign on the wall with all the crops and other paraphernalia that says “Not For Use on Humans”. Obviously they know all of their clietele aren’t horse owners. Heh. I found a long, thin very sexy crop that I decided was perfect. Nothing else like that in Robert’s toy cabinet. I got the guy who owns the flower shop in my store’s center to give me a long-stem rose box to put it in. Since it looked kinda lonely in there, I decided to make a ribbon-tied switch bundle as well.

Jeez, I’m a glutton for punishment. Did I think he wasn’t going to actually, yanno, use that stuff??

Of course, that was the wrong answer:

I felt the full brunt of that crop later during our Sunday Play Session. SHIT! That fucker really hurts!!! Two days later my ass and thighs are still tender and sporting stripes! (The switch was comforting salve in comparison.) Of course, that’s now Robert’s favorite toy.

Heh, isn’t it always thus? I know my favorite toy is always whatever left interesting marks most recently on Bethie’s bottom….

  1. Bethie commented on June 25th, 2005:

    And that would mean your favorite toy right now is the Brat Loop? I have to admit, the marks are “interesting” but more important than that, they’re ouchie!

  2. SpankBoss commented on June 26th, 2005:

    Right now, sure — but we haven’t yet fully and properly tested the schoolmaster strap or the big strap or the rat tail. So I might change my mind….

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