New Schoolmaster Straps

Remember John from Leather Thorn Paddles? We’re still enjoying the strap and paddle we bought from him, that I talked about here.

But apparently he rather enjoyed all the orders you good folk sent him after you read our reviews of the strap and paddle. And he noticed that Bethie was coveting a schoolmaster’s strap, after Patty explained why one was worth coveting, viz:

I was sent to get the rattan loop cane and the thin school master strap; two of the most serious implements in his arsenal. Fred went back to making supper.

I ate supper after being given 30 solid “you have earned this” whipping licks with the strap. This schoolmaster strap is more than a quarter of an inch thick, and less than a half an inch wide. It packs all of the deep fire breathing tissue shearing assault of a cane without the deeper later effects. It can be used longer and harder with almost none of the risk of damage but virtually all of the agony of a caning. 30 full force and without any stops is a lot!

After supper, I cleaned the kitchen.

So anyway, John offered to do some testing and see if he could come up with a design for such a strap. And then he sent me one, gratis, along with a short pocket version for OTK goodness. Here they are, with a standard paint stirring stick to provide a visual scale:

schoolmaster straps

Bethie still hasn’t gotten anything like 30 hard licks with this thing, but I can already tell it’s a huge hit. The long one swings hard, is easy to control, and leaves an instant red mark where it lands. A few good ones over her jeans had Bethie jumping away and squealing and clutching herself. She’s also announced in a petulant tone that she “doesn’t like it”. The effect is very much as advertised: it gets all the results of a heavy cane stroke, but without any puffy welt and without the usual risk you have of cutting the skin with the tip of a heavy cane. I’m delighted to have a strap in my arsenal that doesn’t immediately make Bethie start purring with delight — although I expect she will purr, once she gets warmed up and used to the idea.

Meanwhile, the little short strap (not quite pocket sized, but very close) is going with me on every trip we take. Like its longer cousin, it gets Bethie’s full attention, but is handy at close quarters. It’s also very controllable, making it ideal for giving her swats on tender areas not spankable with most implements. I’ve been keeping it at our computer desk and having great fun with it. (I’ve noticed that a light tap on the side of one breast makes both of her nipples stand right up through bra and shirt — a better effect than any ice cube ever dreamed of having.)

John made these straps from two layers of leather — one layer consisting of his usual strap material and one layer of pretty red patent leather. The result is almost cute and deceptively harmless-looking. The straps are of course cut and stitched to John’s high standards (quite a bit better than anything you’ll find in a typical sex toy shop). I’d be delighted with these even if I’d paid for them.

It doesn’t look like John has added these to his web page yet, but I’m sure he’d be happy to make you one if you can’t live without it.

  1. elizabeth commented on May 15th, 2005:

    I usually jump right up and send my husband the links to what I think we’d enjoy. This isn’t one of those times.

  2. patty commented on May 16th, 2005:

    oooohhhhh yummm eeeee owwwie! That looks menacing. Phew. TG Fred doesn’t surf blogs much. That pocket size one could be a problem. We just got one of John’s experiments in the mail too. Man o Man!!!!

    So SB? are you gonna post the stripes it makes? huh? :)

  3. SpankBoss commented on May 16th, 2005:

    Heh, if I can get a good picture, I just might. But Bethie’s being very good for some odd reason….

  4. jim commented on May 17th, 2005:

    You may have shown the paint stirrer just for scale, but that is actually a pretty good little spanking tool in its own right. I’ve reddened more than one cute female fanny with one of those.

  5. Joannie commented on May 19th, 2005:

    Just wanted you to know that the straps are now posted on John’s site… They come in several colors, too!


  6. Dave commented on May 23rd, 2005:

    At our place, an 18″ strap works wonders. Then, time and experience. A little oil too.

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