Grumpy? Bath Brush Time!

Well, that’s how it went at Am and Dave’s house. She was grumpy at Staples, she got spanked:

When we got in, I administered 24 HARD with a wooden spoon in the kitchen – 12 per buttock – which had a somewhat beneficial effect on her (and on me), and I have just given her 50 unrelenting strokes with the bathbrush. Before I started, I told her “If you cry out, we start again. If you wiggle and try to get away we start again. If you behave in any unseemly way during this, we start again. Understood?”. She replied “Yes Sir” and then behaved impeccably during the spanking that followed. Good Girl.

Am currently is sitting at her desk on a hard wooden stool with very red and tender rear and we’re both feeling a lot more settled with each other.

What is it about women misbehaving in stores, anyway?

  1. Dave (aka B) commented on April 21st, 2005:

    I have no idea about the misbehaving in stores… But the wooden spoon and bath brush soon sorted her out!

    Thanks for the mention SpankBoss. I’ve been offline the last couple of days due to working really late in the office and not having time to read email, let alone check my webstats….

    Needless to say I was kind of wondering why I suddenly found I’d had 1450 hits on Thursday and 1382 hits on Wednesday; then Am mentioned that I’d been SpankingBlogged. *grins* Thanks :-)

  2. onebrat commented on April 22nd, 2005:

    Awww, bite me, Dan! “Women” do not misbehave in stores. Men drive women crazy in stores. Stores are there to be savored, flavored, and perused…not rushed through like the forest is on fire! Give us a break, will ya?

    Bethie, honey, much as I envy you for having Dan as your man, I also feel sorry for you…and will think of you whenever I am shopping…Alone!

    (BTW, Dan…? “Bite me” is meant is the nicest way possible; no disrespect intended…

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