Robert Crumb Spanking Drawing

Fans of the legendary comic artist Robert Crumb and his large women will enjoy this spanking drawing he did:

R. Crumb spanking drawing

Found at this Fantagraphics page advertising the R. Crumb Sketchbooks. Thanks to Fiona for sending me the link!

  1. spankmewithaspoon commented on April 13th, 2005:

    I don’t know if you ever visit my site, SB., but last week I wrote up a story about a sound thrashing I received, from a significant boyfriend. (Homage and a Coke). The above R. Crumb illustration portrays the same position and ottoman I describe. I write you today, not so much to self promote, but to comment that the coincidence makes me think that us internet spankos form some sort of collective unconscience. Where we dream each others spanking dreams, and obey the big spanking star in the sky. I’m gonna look in the mirror now to see if there are any caning stripes.

  2. Headteddy commented on April 13th, 2005:

    Great grab Dan.

    Haven’t seen this one since 1969 or thereabouts. I believe the original was published in one Crumb’s comics. I think the published one was in color. It was certainly seminal in the locking in of my spanko tendencies (along with an adventureous roomie named Barbara).


    I think you may have nailed it. Most of us have read many of the same books and articles, examined the same pictures, visit the sem web-sites and watch the same movies. Is it any wonder we share many of the same hot buttons?

    Just be careful if you don’t have an ottoman, footrests on a recliner will not support most real-life female subbies, and the fall definitely makes it harder to keep spanking to say nothing of ruining the mood!


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