Spanked By A Fisherman

This nifty vintage drawing (which looks like an illustration from one of those men’s adventure magazines) I found over on AngelBrat’s new blog, which is well worth a visit. What’s fun is that she’s wearing hip waders (one for the rubber fetishists!) but he’s sitting on a boulder with his feet in the water wearing slacks and (presumably) soggy shoes:

fishing woman spanked

You’ve got to wonder what the scenario is here. Was he sitting on the bank minding his own business when she splashed him with water and a merry insult? Or is this a domestic discipline scenario? “I’ve told you and told you, no trout fishing until the laundry is done!”

  1. Timory commented on April 8th, 2005:

    Hey spankboss, sometimes you do things on blogs that went AWOL : do you know what happened to the folks over at Captive Heart ? I was really rooting for those crazy kids……

  2. spankmewithaspoon commented on April 8th, 2005:

    The wayward young piscean is Ms. Dorothy Commerra, known to her friends as Dot Com. She is being disciplined for truancy at the workplace by her bossman, Phillip Thymothy Google, manager of, “Google Meats, Purveyor of Fine Links and Big Sausages”. That beautiful spring day, P.T. was making the rounds of his ASSembly line, checking out the plump rump roast bottoms who worked in his employ by squeezing fat hot sauage meat into their tight casings. He spied the stool of his favorite meat squeezer as empty. Upon further inspection, a Post It with the words, “Gone Fishin” was found. In a fury, he, himself did not quite understand, he tromped over to the local stream, only to find the sportif but nubile Ms. Carrerra tangled in an entwined fishing line of her own making. Swiftly, he was able to angle her into spanking positon on a large hard rock, jutting from the rapidly swirling current. Ms. Carrerra only hoped she had remembered to remove the fishing hooks from her back pocket.

  3. spankmewithaspoon commented on April 8th, 2005:

    Yeah, I changed names halfway downstream, the point is I tried.

  4. lola commented on April 8th, 2005:

    “what did i tell you? no fishing on sundays! and no more manly man pants, young lady!” … a young GWB

  5. angelbrat commented on April 8th, 2005:

    Hehe..very nice story, spankmewithaspoon!

    And thanks for the boost, Spankboss!

  6. oldguy commented on April 15th, 2005:

    The illustration is from a short story in the old Saturday Evening Post (or it may have been Collier’s) about 1952 or 1953. The title was “Smallmouth No. 13” and the reason for the spanking is that the gentleman in the picture found they young lady fishing in his private spot for a certain famous but elusive bass (the title role). She gave him some lip and over the knee she went. The description of the spanking wasn’t lavish — I seem to remember him complaining (in the narrative, not the dialogue) that a tin tackle box in her back pocket hurt his hand.

    The picture, however, was one of the high points of my high-school years.

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