Ranting Redux

This closed comments nuisance is turning into a plague. If I can’t comment on a blog without jumping through too many hoops, it’s pretty pointless to link to it, so I just had to pull a new spanking blog that I like off my blogroll. It’s too frustrating to read a blog, decide to comment, and then find that my comment isn’t welcome.

And no, I’m not going to get a blogger account so I can post comments on these blogs. I’ve got too many passwords already.


  1. spankmewithaspoon commented on April 5th, 2005:

    Is blogspot.com the frustrating culprit? You are always welcome to comment on my site. But I have no idea of commentator difficulty. Blogging with them is equally as constraining, especially if one is using a mac. Interface sucks. But hey, that’s entertainment. And it’s free. Your new spanking animation at the top of your page is a nugget of hotness all on its own. I’m glad you overcame your computer “crash”.

  2. Aunty Agony commented on April 5th, 2005:

    Hmm, after reading this, I went in and had another look at my Blogger settings. Lo and behold, I could choose to allow non-registered commentary (default was registered Blogger.com members only). If you, Sir, are ever in the mood to comment on anything I post, there will be no impediment.

  3. Tracy commented on April 6th, 2005:

    Hmm…I think I may be the guilty culprit here. I no longer see my link, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I confess, I just didn’t see your earlier post on the subject, so I wasn’t aware of the problem. Reading the above post by Aunty Agony made me realize I had an option not to exclude nonBloggers from posting. I’ve made the change, and if you could see your way to re-linking me, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you!

  4. Tracy (angelbrat) commented on April 6th, 2005:

    P S: I just tested it, and it seems to work fine. No new passwords!

  5. SpankBoss commented on April 6th, 2005:

    Spankmewithaspoon, blogspot.com blogs are indeed the problem, but only ones that are set to allow comments by registered blogger.com members only. Aunty Agony, your blog was one of the ones I was grumbling about. Tracy’s was another. I’m glad y’all changed them! Thanks much.

    What I did *not* understand was that you were dealing with a blogger default — I thought folks were *choosing* to make it hard to comment. My apologies for ranting instead of inquiring.

  6. angelbrat commented on April 6th, 2005:

    No problem, Spankboss. Thank you again for re-linking me.

  7. Aunty Agony commented on April 6th, 2005:

    Well, glad that’s all cleared up now :) And feel free to link to me at anytime. I could sure use the traffic boost!

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