The Smacking Of Meris

At a fairly tender age this scene from Richard Adam’s book “Maia” made a notable impression on me:

The punishment referred to by Terebinthia and Occula as “whipping” was in actuality seldom or never inflicted with a whip, for the bodies of slave-girls of the quality owned by the High Counselor were far too valuable to be scarred or lacerated. Terebinthia’s normal practice — of which he, as a connoisseur, approved, finding it fully as enjoyable as whipping — was to administer a sound smacking on the rump with a broad strip of leather about twenty inches long and perhaps an eighth of an inch thick. As an amusing adjunct to this spectacle Sencho, whose natural pruriency delighted above all in seeing women indecently degraded, had himself designed and had made a special block for the culprit.

This consisted of a life-sized figure, carved in black wood, of a naked grinning savage reclining on its back, the two hands cupped in front of the face to form a kind of perch or saddle. The girl to be punished, having been stripped, was compelled to crouch astride this figure, facing its feet, her buttocks elevated and her groin supported on its hands. In this position, and effectively gagged — for the figure was realistically complete in its semblance of carnal arousal — she presented a charming and elegant spectacle of humiliation which never failed to afford Sencho the keenest enjoyment.

During the smacking of Meris, which Terebinthia, herself stripped to the waist for greater freedom, carried out with brisk and pleasing vigor, the High Counselor, his couch placed close beside the girl, lay watching in blissful silence. From time to time, signing to Terebinthia to pause, he would stretch out a fat arm to caress Meris’s thighs, himself trembling with frissons of delicate, cultured pleasure. Indeed, so intense was his delight that he could scarcely bring himself to tell Terebinthia to desist, consenting at length only when the saiyett had respectfully pointed out that the girl was, after all, very valuable.

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  1. Sam commented on April 3rd, 2005:

    Yes! One of my favorite reading memories, too. . . . Who’s have thunk that a guy who wrote about rabbits had it in him? I only wish he had foolowed up this theme more thoroughly elsewhere.

  2. Ed commented on April 4th, 2005:

    Extremely erotic! I have never read anything by Adams but I am certainly going to check this novel out. Are there any other similar passages from any of his other works?

  3. Julia commented on April 4th, 2005:

    I vividly remember reading this passage as an adolescent. It stuck in my memory, and fantasies even though I never could remember where I had read it.

    Thanks for reminding me!

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