Spanking The Bathing Beauties

If you can’t laugh at spanking porn, you shouldn’t be viewing it. Sometimes the scenarios are just too funny.

Let’s say you’ve got a wading pool in your fancy house, and it’s all of eight feet wide and eighteen feet long and (if you’re lucky) four feet deep at the deep end. And let’s say it’s in a room not much bigger than the pool, so you’ve painted murals on the walls and put up a fake plaster balustrade so you won’t die of claustrophobia while standing in your pool. And now let’s say your rebellious college-aged daughters come along and decide to defy your authority by sitting on the freakin’ steps of your pool, instead of going out and smoking pot and giving blowjobs to their boyfriends like normal well-behaved college girls ought to do:

rebellious girls in the pool without permission

Obviously, you would have to howl with outrage:

woman howling with outrage over unauthorized pool-sitting

And read them the riot act:

getting lectured about pool-sitting

And then, of course, you would have to strap their asses:

strapping her ass really hard for pool-sitting

And just to drive home your point about the dire perils of unauthorized pool-step-sitting, you would have to bend them over your phony plaster balustrade and cane the heck out of their rebellious damp bottoms.

You guessed it: I’m really just jealous about the pool.

Pictures are from Spank Christina.

  1. Am (aka C./Confused) commented on March 26th, 2005:

    The mum looks like Linda Robson from “Birds of a feather” (British sitcom in the 1980s/90s)

    Thanks for the giggle :)

  2. Aunty Agony commented on March 31st, 2005:

    Thanks for this entry … had me laughing all day. Gotta have humor with your spanking porn.

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