Geek Spanking

This picture has been circulating all over the internet for awhile now:

geek spanking

Spanked with a Perl book, now that’s geek kink!

  1. person commented on March 22nd, 2005:

    Ha, nice. Except that Perl is a rather ugly language. Now, something like Python or Ruby… that’d be damn fine

  2. Phoenix commented on March 23rd, 2005:

    If and only if she was getting spanked with an assembly book. THAT would hurt!

  3. Natty commented on March 23rd, 2005:

    Hell, I got spanked with the complete histories of Shakespeare. Hardbound.

    Lit geek spanking. ;)

  4. Michael commented on March 23rd, 2005:

    even if it’s been around awhile, you still gotta love it. oh, btw, person, is this really the place for the continuing Perl/Python conversation?

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