Much-Spanked Librarygirl

Here’s a blog I should have found long ago: The Secret Life of Librarygirl. I hope she’ll forgive my quoting most of a recent short post:

I have a sore bottom. It’s warm and pink. (Unfortunately, with my skin tone, I rarely go beyond dark pink. And I’m not willing to get spanked hard enough to get any darker. Sometimes I wish I were a lighter shade, the type that marks so easily and turns red with a hand spanking.)

I got spanked for a “reason.” I was a lazy girl and spent all morning online, looking at naughty pictures, admiring girl’s bottoms and making snarky comments about the creepy looking guys spanking them.

I tend to procrastinate (a lot) so I know I deserved this one.

Hmmm… I guess now would not be a good time to ask for a good girl spanking…?

Er, no.

Thanks to ErosBlog for the link.

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