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The folks at Mood Pictures released Martial Law II in December, but it took a few weeks for the review copy to reach me, and much longer for Bethie and I to find time to sit down and watch the movie. We finally managed it two nights ago, and found ourselves watching another solid production from these Eastern European (yes, that means subtitles) caning movie producers.

If you’ve read my reviews of their other productions, you’ll know they mostly do severe caning work. You won’t be disappointed if that’s what you are looking for, but this movie has a little bit more. It opens with four female prisoners (or are they reluctant draftees?) being disciplined by two severe female guards toting plastic submachine guns. One by one, the girls are made to strip and stand against the bars of their cell for 25 strokes each with a leather strap.

The strapping scenes were a little disappointing to me, as the strap seemed to land all over the girls. The girls were fairly stoic and surly-looking (only one of them showed much sense of feeling the strap) and their bottoms didn’t show as much marking as one would expect from 25 hard honest strap blows. Still, it was a refreshing addition; some other Mood Pictures titles have been caning-only.

Then one of the girls was taken before the camp commandant for a little display of nudity and amateur lesbianism on his desk. He noticed (supposedly) the marks on her bottom, and demanded an explanation from the guards. He learned that the girls had been disciplined without his orders, and he was shocked (simply shocked!) to find that sort of activity going on in his establishment. He immediately ordered the female guard responsible to be arrested and given 100 hard caning strokes.

The camera finds the soon-to-be-arrested guard hosing down three of her prisoners with a power washer. Although very brief, this is actually my favorite scene in the movie; the girls are cowering and shivering as the water is whipping at them. It’s authentic-looking and cheesy at the same time, and I’ve never seen anything exactly like it. Call it the the low-budget, high-velocity modern version of the old brutal-prison-guard-with-a-firehose cliche. Plus, these are the cleanest girls you’ll ever see in a caning movie:

power washing the prisoners

Then it’s on to the hundred strokes of the cane, sternly delivered. This is authentic hard caning and no mistake. A minor grumble I had: the victim is so skinny, her ribs and vertebrae stuck out horribly in all directions when they put her on the frame. It’s hard for me to enjoy a caning when all I want to do is take the girl down off her bench and feed her a milkshake. Don’t they have cheeseburgers in Hungary?

There were also some lighting flaws, resulting in harsh shadows that made it difficult to see her facial reactions. Also, the female guard doing the caning seemed uninterested in style; the result was wraparound with every stroke, so that the girl’s right thigh wound up welted far worse than any part of her bottom. That’s fine if you love severity, but off-putting if you like precision and love bottom welts.

On the plus side, the metal caning bench with wrist cuffs looks deliciously severe and very handy. The caning was vigorous, with breaks every 25 strokes for the half-naked-doctor-girl (the cutest woman in the movie, a squeezable brunette who appears to be wearing nothing but a white lab coat) to examine the canee and pronounce her fit for more caning. And there was no way for this girl to avoid showing her pained reactions. In a nice touch, they showed her getting “medical attention” (some lotion and a cigarette) after the caning, and she was visibly twitching and shaking a little bit. Authenticity that will surely delight, if you really like seeing hard canings and their aftermath.

As usual with Mood Pictures, there is a comforting series of bloopers among the DVD extras showing the actors clowning around with each other and laughing together over their mistakes. When a production is severe, it’s always nice to see some evidence that the girls are happy to be there and are enjoying themselves.

  1. Rosseau commented on March 10th, 2005:

    In case anyone is interested, I wrote quite a lengthy review of Martial Law II myself. You can find it at:

    It is very positive. I really believe that, if you like watching severe, no-nonsense caning videos, you cannot find a better producer than Mood Pictures at the moment. By contrast, the Russian videos are vulgar and have non-existent production values, Rigid East from the Czech Republic aren’t the force they used to be, and everybody else produces softcore fluff. That leaves little choice.

    I didn’t mind that Betty Sweet (the main spanking model in the film) is quite skinny, I like girls like that. Different strokes I guess. But SpankBoss is right – if you prefer females to be on the cozy, voluptuous side, you probably won’t find her too attractive. Still, you’d be passing up an excellent video.

    Anyway, if you don’t know Mood Pictures yet, and if you can stomach the severity, “Martial Law II” is an excellent place to start, along with “Guilty Wives” (also featuring Betty) and “Love Story”.

  2. Jim commented on March 10th, 2005:

    For the top picture here I couldn’t help but think that maybe if those girls had put the lotion on their skin they wouldn’t get the hose.Lol

  3. sandy commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Ouch to the last picture.

  4. Nik commented on March 21st, 2005:

    I have recently seen Martial Law II and must say that it is simply the best caning video that I have seen. Betty Sweet is just so cute!

    However, as someone who enjoys receiving severe CP as well as watching it, I admit that I would give absolutely anything to be able to swap places with Betty Sweet in order that it is I that receives the 100 strokes from the strict guard. In fact, make that 200 strokes!

  5. Jackie commented on August 26th, 2005:

    My husband and I purchased both Martial Law I and II after reading reviews at spreview. These are unbelievably good punishment flicks, unlike anything we had ever come across. The severity of the canings almost made me scream in shock! As a woman who loves erotic punishment, I totally identified with the girls who each suffer 100 strokes in these films. It almost makes me want to fly off to Eastern Europe and volunteer for one of Mood Pictures’ movies. Honestly, these films are so good they make every American and British spanking film look utterly pathetic. Of course, we all know that most are pretty pathetic anyway. The films from Mood Pictures are expensive (especially given the current exchange rates), but they are well worth it. We’ll definitely be buying more!

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