A Quick Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that the comment system is intended for commenting on the posts. It is not the place to share unrelated links with Spanking Blog readers. If you want me to look at your new blog, or you want to share a link with my readers, please send me an email.

Private to the new blogger who has used my comments to “invite” folks to her blog three times over the last couple of days: This means you. Deleting your first two comments wasn’t enough of a hint?

  1. Spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    It’s “spankboss@spankingblog.com” — and I’m not vexed, just tired.

    Some days I put more effort in keeping my comments spam-free than I do in blogging. It’s a huge pain.

    “Unrelated” means just that. If I post about wooden spoon spankings, then a link to where you buy your wooden spoons is related. A link to a fascinating discussion of cats-o-nine-tails is not. Nor is a link to your blog — although a link to the specific post where you just blogged about your wooden spoon spanking might be.

    I try to be friendly to new spanking bloggers, and link them quickly. But my comments are not the place to announce your blog to the world. If I allowed that, the spam would overwhelm the participatory comments. Trust me.

  2. spankmewithaspoon commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I tried to send you a private email but my computer won’t make an automatic email box and I don’t see your address printed anywhere. I was hoping you’d email me. I’ve only just stumbled onto the whole blogging phenomenon and haven’t a clue as to protocol. I was “inviting”, like you invite someone to have a cup of tea, I was trying to be inclusive. What do you mean by “unrelated links”? I didn’t notice that you had deleted my entries because I am such a novice, I thought it was a tech error on my part . I certainly apologize for any vexation I might have caused. I guess they don’t call you the SpankBoss for nothing.

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