More Strip Club Spankings

Here’s an account of another strip club spanking, written by a college boy so young and innocent that he can’t spell yet:

I took [a lapdance] from the first good looking girl that offered. This turned out to be a good thing. This chick had a massive rack, and the titties were real, my friends. Monsterous. The stripper asked me if I wanted a topless dance with touching or a full nude with no touching. I told her she could do whatever she prefered so she said she’d touch me, but still gimme some full nudity. She gave me a longer dance than usual and there was hands on action. She had me spank her, as odd as that sounds. She was bent over infront of me, spanked herself and then told me “Do it.” I didn’t know was she was talking about at first, but then I realized she wanted me to slap her ass. I slapped it lightly the first time and she says “Harder!” I slapped it a little bit harder, but again she yells, “HARDER!” This time I slapped that ass so hard that it almost hurt my hand. It made this sweet spanking sound. The stripper didn’t even flinch. She was just like “Ooh!” and smiled. I said, “God damn!” aloud. Then she took off my belt, un-did my pants and started sucking on my belt like a dick while groping my crotch. All in all, the dance was pretty solid.

“It made this sweet spanking sound….” The noise, I’m thinking, was actually the sound of his first footfall on the road to spanko pervdom.

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