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Real Spanking Welts

Here’s a shot of the realistic welted bottoms for which Real Spankings (part of the Real Spankings Pass family of sites) is so justly famous:

jennifer's welted ass

That triple-layer slapper looks thick and mean, but the broad marks look more like they came from some sort of huge wide strap-like leather paddle.

School Girl Discipline

The folks who run sent me some pretty photos from their site. Although the spanking I’ve seen from them is mild, they do an excellent job of costuming their adult “school girl” models:

school girl about to be punished

Very nice.

Fun Spanking Email

Sometimes my mail is really fun. A reader writes:

Hi there,

I am writing all the way from Brazil (not that it matters) because I need to share something with someone that will understand how cool this is.


I’ve finally got my boyfriend of 7 years (he’s 25, we have been dating for 7 years) to spank me!! At first he was completely opposed to it, said he couldn’t smack me even if I asked for… then… once he gave me a token swat (with his hand) after I really begged him. I told him how much I wanted him to spank me, and how much it turned me on just to think about it, but he looked at me as if I was weird. I didn’t want to press the issue any further, maybe it I was a bit odd… but then, last night I was so turned on, and I really, really needed a spanking! So I asked him for it… and to my surprise he didn’t even answer, but smacked my bottom hard!! Not once, but many times! Until I asked him to stop!

I was disappointed that I couldn’t take more than 6 or 7 swats… I thought I would last much more than that… but at the same time he seemed very turned on by the whole affair, and said we can do it again if I want. NOW I CAN GET SPANKED IF I WANT!! How cool is that?

Cool indeed — thanks for writing in!

Medical Spanking

I’m not sure what the therapeutic goal here is supposed to be, but if rebelliousness is a disease, this looks like the sure cure: a brutal caning from the evil doctor and mean nurse at Her First Punishment:


Thanks to Spank Slaves for the link.

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Finding A Spanking Partner, Using Standard English

I’m on record as being unimpressed with the use of the commercial generic personals sites to find a spanking partner, but the sites do, by all reports, work for some people. However, one thing the women who use such sites stress repeatedly is the need for the guys who use the sites to put some effort into their communications. Standard English (complete with capitalization, punctuation used as such, and mostly proper spelling) really is important. The reason? Because if you can’t be bothered to at least try to compose a literate email, it suggests you are lazy in your pursuit of women. And most women include, among their minimum standards, that a guy has to be willing to go to some effort for them.

To illustrate, I’m going to reproduce an email I just got from a fellow looking for tips on finding a spanking partner. Guy-who-emailed, I’m not picking on you; these really are the pointers you were looking for. Here’s the complete email:

I came across your site on accedent…and i belive everything you say i been to that far east site and man i havnt gone totly in but the previews are nuff for me….and its totlly hard to find a sub dom perfect relationship im 20 and been into spanking for at least the past 6 years

so….im from south south texas corpus christi….latino 5’11….170lbs….but hay if you have any pointers on how i could find people like us ..i mean i have tryed ALT that adult kinky web finder but its not workin….guess cuz im not a full member ,,,,,pero….thanx for taking the time to share your experiance and thoughts with the cyber world,,,,,aloha

Ouch. Even speaking as a guy, I can say that’s just not attractive. OK, so there are hints that English may not be this fellow’s first language. Most women aren’t going to hold that against a man. But there’s no language in the world that uses five commas in a row to separate sentences or thoughts. Plus, this guy knows (look at the first sentence) to use a capital letter to start a sentence — he just can’t be bothered. Overall, this comes across as casual-to-the-point-of-sloppy. Guys, show a little effort!

Of course, he wasn’t trying to seduce me, he was just asking for some pointers. But I greatly doubt his email style tightens up all that much when he uses his favorite personals site. It should. It would help.

For reference, here’s what that same email might have looked like, if it had been written in a style that doesn’t damage the man’s cause:

Hi, there.

I came across your site by accident, and I believe everything you say. I have visited that Far East site, and man, I haven’t gone totally in but the previews are enough for me. It’s totally hard to find a sub/dom perfect relationship. I’m 20 and have been into spanking for at least the past six years.

So: I’m from South Texas: Corpus Christi. I’m Latino — 5′ 11″, 175 lbs. Do you have any pointers on how I could find people like us? I mean, I tried — that kinky web finder — but it’s not working, I guess because I’m not a full member.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and thoughts with the cyber world. Aloha!

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A Touch Of Bastinado

Bastinado, according to the accomplished and error-free historical researchers who write psuedo-Victorian porn novels, was the practice of caning one’s slave women or servant girls (or inquisitees — it’s a practice often attributed to the Spanish Inquisition) on the soles of their feet. Said to be intensely painful, with the added benefit of keeping the unhappy recipient humbly on her hands and knees for a few days. It’s also popular in the Hogtied dungeons:

toes and foot tied for bastinado caning

feet tied for bastinado caning

Note well: Bastinado is not, according the kinky sexperts, recommended outside the realm of fantasy, because the feet have all sorts of fragile-but-important small bones and connective tissues. I’m sure there are experienced sadists who feel they can cane feet more-or-less safely, but it’s not for casual bedroom fun. Even the experienced Hogtied dungeon-masters are posing, in their own severe fashion: for all the menace in those shots, the at-risk feet look welt-free.

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The Spanking Doctor Is IN

I don’t encourage people to email me for spanking advice, because I’m usually too busy to offer any. Sad to say, such emails usually go unanswered. But A’marie caught me at a good moment, with a question I actually had some useful input on:

I’m 25, still in college, and believe it or not, finding a “kinky” partner is impressively hard. I had figured it probably wouldn’t happen several years ago. My last boyfriend, however, found some spanking pictures on my laptop, which opened up the discussion. He said he was ok with it (my first indication he wasn’t), and proceeded to freak out about it at several points in the future. By now I almost feel like giving up. I’ve been very interested in spanking for at least 10 years and through a myriad of partners, but have only been spanked once by a partner, which consisted of 3 times with his belt because I made him drop his contact on the floor. So, needless to say, I’m not very experienced.

Ok, all this background is for a reason (I think), and that being, do you have any suggestions? I don’t know that I would feel comfortable telling a partner about this particular kink anymore, especially after the last one wigged out. I tried a personals site and a chatroom, but both were horrible. I wouldn’t even mind just a place to talk, not necessarily look for a partner, just a place to chat so I don’t feel like such a freak.

I almost started a blog. I got to the point where I just wanted to spill everything out in complete anonymity. I also remembered your blog advice. However I feel a blog about a girl that wants to be spanked and can’t find someone willing, hates homework and loves video games and uber geeks…well, I just don’t think there’s quite a niche for that. Yet.

No niche for that? She’s a dream girl for legions of kinky young uber geeks, is what she is. (Remember, geeks are the ones who found all the kinky internet porn during their formative years, while they were still hammering out their sexual kinkscapes with fists full of hand lotion….) So I had to respond:

I recommend spanking forums — seriously. Big commercial personals sites suck unless you are willing to kiss an awful lot of frogs (that’s one spot where it’s worse for women, the kinky guys who are unsuitable tend to be horribly, stomach-wrenchingly unsuitable) and chatrooms are way too immediate — before you know it, some guy named Gor-Master6969 is shouting “KNEEL BEFORE MY ROD, WORTHLESS SLAVE-WENCH!” at you. Just be glad you didn’t agree to meet him for coffee first.

Forums (bulletin boards) have their own flaws, but they are *much* friendlier. The typical denizen is a woman who, like you, wants someone to spank her, and can’t find one (or, just as likely, she has a husband she loves who thinks she’s a little sick and won’t spank her). From time to time, guys looking for someone to spank will come along — and, given the essay-like persistent-text nature of the place, the wierd and odd ones will make their natures clear quite readily. Anybody who sounds like a nice guy, is playful and cheerful and friendly, and displays any useful degree of kink whatsoever, will fairly quickly get “harvested” by one of the available women present. That’s your chance, but be sure to move fast — because even if he says he’s never had a girlfriend before, if he’s made the playful/friendly/kinky cut over a month or two of sustained posts, he’s already received a dozen oh-so-innocent but very detailed friendly private emails from the ladies on the board. Yeah, if you get him, you or he will almost certainly end up having to move — but that’s the price you pay for enlisting the awesome power of the internet to fix your love life.

Not making any of that up — it’s pretty much my own experience, at Spanking Classics. That’s where I say I found Bethie, but in reality, she found me. (Her new Spanking Den is another good spot.)

Regarding the lack of niche for your blog idea, I have to say I think you’re nuts. There’s a niche all right, consisting of however many men in the English-speaking world think “a girl that wants to be spanked and can’t find someone willing, hates homework and loves video games and uber geeks” is their dream girl. It isn’t such
a tiny niche, plus most of them read the internet and you’re only looking to reach one of them (or a small handful, if you are unusually friendly and ambitious). What I’m saying is, your blog is your ultimate romantic marketing tool. It takes time, but at this point I get a letter a week from women who (they manage to hint) would love to get to know me better, if only Bethie didn’t have me firmly harvested.)

Blog about spanking and video games and your lust for uber geeks. The uber geeks will be Googling video games and will find you. Before you know it, you’ll be getting more IMs and emails than you know what to do with. If you’re nice, you’ll sort out the decent-sounding ones you don’t want and point them all at Spanking Den for the enrichment of your sister seekers-after-paddling.

Good news, you kinky young geek types — A’marie says her blog will be online soon.

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Nun Spankings: Losing The Culture War?

Hmmm, if the old authoritarianism is dying out, could this be among the reasons? After all, how do you beat a proper respect for authority into the proles, if they are enjoying the process?

nun spankings

From alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. cartoons.

Spanking Chocolate Fantasies

Sometimes the people out there who pretend to be in business really amaze me. Whatever you do, don’t try to do business with an outfit called Chocolate Fantasies ( You’ll regret it, and they don’t deserve your business.

The rest of this is long and boring and contains no spanking; I’m merely putting it here so that potential customers will always be able to find out about these jokers in Google. Feel free to skip it, with my apologies.

A couple days ago Bethie posted a blog post featuring a gummy candy whip. Because she found the whips at Chocolate Fantasies, she linked there, gratis. And because the whips amused Bethie, I tried to order some for her, for Valentine’s Day.

When I went check out with my order, I noticed they were asking for my phone number, and the form stated “Number must be valid” next to the phone number box. As is my habit, I wrote “declined” in the box. There is no valid reason for an internet merchant to telephone you regarding an order for less than twenty bucks worth of merchandise. As a matter of policy, I never give any vendor any personal information that’s not relevant to my transaction, and neither should you. Yeah, every vendor out there wants your telephone number for their marketing databases, but most of them will suck it up and do the transaction when you refuse. A few places have their forms jiggered to reject a text string like “declined” — and so when I find a vendor like that, I abort the transaction and find someone willing to do business on my terms.

This outfit, by contrast, uses a web form that accepts “Declined” in the phone number box. No problem, right?


Next thing I know, I have a form letter in my email inbox entitled “Cannot Process Order”. The text said “I’m sorry, but we can’t process an order without a valid telephone contact” and “We have to have
this info for credit card processing, not to use for sales or give out.”

I should have aborted the transaction right there, because that email was, in my opinion, a lie. I do enough business in the online world to know a thing or two about internet credit card processing, and the bottom line is that there’s no way to use a phone number to validate a credit card transaction. Too many credit card customers (like me) don’t keep a valid phone number associated with their credit card accounts, because that information gets sold to telemarketers. So I knew right away that Chocolate Fantasies was being deliberately deceptive. It’s simply not possible that they are unable to process an order without a telephone number, or that they “have to have” the info in order to process my credit card.

The first reason I should have canceled is that these people are playing fast and loose with my personal information, demanding it when they don’t need it, and doing so under false pretenses. The second reason is that it’s a bad idea to do business with people who have what my sister calls “a loose association with the truth.” Or, as tycoon J Pierpoint Morgan used to say: “I wouldn’t buy anything from a man with no character if he offered me all the bonds in Christendom.” That goes double for people you are paying with a credit card.

However, to my eternal joy and sometimes folly, I have been led astray by a woman, and I wanted to please her by buying her some candy. So I wrote back, against my better judgment. I gave them a working phone number. And I made it clear, politely, that I wasn’t happy with their policy of requiring irrelevant personal information.

Their response was interesting:

“It’s just a policy we have because when we’ve had bad or fraudulent transactions in the past. Bad trans customers didn’t include or would give us a bad phone number for obvious reasons. We don’t use it to process a credit card.”

Here, I probably should have shut up and let them process my order. But I became angry, because here they are admitting that their previous email was a lie. How did they get from “We have to have this info for credit card processing” to “We don’t use it to process a credit card” in 51 minutes? Admittedly they moved toward truth, but the confirmation of the earlier lie got me hot.

So I wrote back. I thanked them for processing my order, but I said I was “quite displeased” by their policy of collecting irrelevant personal information under false pretenses. I explained again that my phone number (which by now I had provided them) was irrelevant to the transaction, and that if I had known in advance they would require it, I wouldn’t have placed the order. This was all polite and professional, if a bit cold. I intended to let them know that they had angered a customer, so that they could avoid doing so in the future.

Now hang on to your hats, folks, because this part will astound you. Even if nothing I’ve described so far strikes you as unusual, this will. Here’s what they wrote back:

We’ll just cancel your order since we’re really not the company for you then. We have a posted policy and it says on our website when you check out that we need your phone number.

No response to my concerns about the info collection under false pretenses, followed by what amounts to “we don’t want your business.”

From here on, I’m the fool; I should have let it drop. But I didn’t. I wrote back and explained that, although I was unhappy, I wasn’t so unhappy that I wanted to deprive my sweetheart of her Valentine candy. I asked them to reconsider. And I even said please.

That got me a more conciliatory response, the essence of which was that they would still process my order if they could make me happy. Bizarrely, this email again denied the initial misrepresentation that they had admitted to in their second email. So I explained, once again, that I was unhappy about the data collection under false pretenses, and outright angry that they had threatened to cancel my order when I dared to give them the feedback of an unhappy customer. I told them I still wanted their merchandise, but that there was probably no way I was going to ever be a happy customer. Again, I’m polite, although I doubt I sounded particularly friendly.

The reason I am banging my head against this stone wall? Doubtless it will feel good when I stop.

Their final response:

I’m sorry, we’re going to cancel your order.
Have a happy Valentine’s day.
LLK, Inc.

It’s the “Have a happy Valentine’s day” that gets me. These people are in the candy business, right? So three weeks before Valentine’s day, they make a customer unhappy while he’s buying candy for his lady. When he explains why he’s unhappy, they say they don’t want his business. He swallows his pride and says “please” because he wants to make his lady happy. They say no. But by the way, “Have a happy Valentine’s day.”

Jerks. Two thumbs down from Spanking Blog. And from the Soviet judge? A “2”.

And now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to Google up a more reasonable source for gummy whips.

Spanking For The Blowjobs

If you frequent the sort of spanking forums where spanko women hang out, it won’t be long before you see a woman ask “I know what we get out of getting spanked, but what’s in it for the guys?” The full answer is of course humanly complex, but the cartoon answer isn’t so very far wrong:

cartoon woman gives blowjob on her knees to man with whip

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Asking Her About Spanking

For whatever reason, I think I’ve linked to more articles advising women on how to get their men to spank them, than vice versa. In an attempt to remedy the imbalance, please let me introduce the hilarious The Neurotic Gentleman’s Guide to Bringing Up Spanking with Your Wife or Significant Other; or C’mon, Honey, You Know I Was Only Kidding!

A few excerpts are in order. First, the setup dialogue:

Man: I want…I want…
Wife or Significant Other: Tell me what you want, dear. I love you and want what you want.
Man: I want to spank you. With tiny panties on.
Wife or Significant Other: We’re never going to have sex again, you sick-o pervert.

My, didn’t that go well? Moving rapidly along to the helpful advice:

First, you have to remember that some women like to be spanked. Second, you have to remember that some women are deeply offended by the idea of being spanked. Third, you really, really have to remember that there’s no way to know which women are which.

Hmmm. We’re not really getting anywhere. How about a clever stratagem?

A quick slap from behind during the act of sex can be a winning strategy, just so long as you’re properly prepared. Here’s what I suggest:

Before initiating sex, use a black Sharpie to draw a tiny, irregularly-shaped speck on the palm of your spanking hand. Then, when your wife or significant other is really getting into it, give her a resounding slap on the ass. Don’t be ambiguous; spank her once sharply and keep humping.

If she lowers her head and moans, or asks for it again, harder this time, or pushes back toward your thrusting hips and grinds…you’ve survived to spank again. If she turns and glares back over her shoulder, or shows any other sign of anger or impending violence, hold up your spanking hand and show her the irregularly-shaped speck.

“Mosquito,” you explain. “Sorry.”

Then back to it before she sees that it’s not a dead mosquito on your palm at all. Don’t forget to wash your hands immediately after you’re done.

Of course, there’s much more. Fun!

Thanks to ErosBlog for the link.

Vulnerable To The Cane

Free video clips on the internet are usually too small and grainy to be much fun, even if you have the bandwidth to enjoy them properly. Sometimes, though, I see one that’s too much fun not to share. The third clip down on this spanking movie gallery from Whipped Ass features a mistress whipping her slavegirl lightly with a cane, while the girl is tied hand-and-foot in the most vulnerable position:

caned slavegirl

Gallery found where I always go for this stuff, at Spank Slaves.

More Strip Club Spankings

Here’s an account of another strip club spanking, written by a college boy so young and innocent that he can’t spell yet:

I took [a lapdance] from the first good looking girl that offered. This turned out to be a good thing. This chick had a massive rack, and the titties were real, my friends. Monsterous. The stripper asked me if I wanted a topless dance with touching or a full nude with no touching. I told her she could do whatever she prefered so she said she’d touch me, but still gimme some full nudity. She gave me a longer dance than usual and there was hands on action. She had me spank her, as odd as that sounds. She was bent over infront of me, spanked herself and then told me “Do it.” I didn’t know was she was talking about at first, but then I realized she wanted me to slap her ass. I slapped it lightly the first time and she says “Harder!” I slapped it a little bit harder, but again she yells, “HARDER!” This time I slapped that ass so hard that it almost hurt my hand. It made this sweet spanking sound. The stripper didn’t even flinch. She was just like “Ooh!” and smiled. I said, “God damn!” aloud. Then she took off my belt, un-did my pants and started sucking on my belt like a dick while groping my crotch. All in all, the dance was pretty solid.

“It made this sweet spanking sound….” The noise, I’m thinking, was actually the sound of his first footfall on the road to spanko pervdom.

More Spanking And Sex

Several recent emails and comments have asked for more explicitly sexual spanking material. Trouble is, it’s still very rare to find spanking porn that shows sex as well. As I’ve mentioned before, the absolute best source I’ve found for spanking and sex in the same place is a spanking movie studio called Far East Media. Their stuff combines heavy spanking (often culminating in tears) with follow-up fairly hardcore sex. It’s not particularly gentle, but it’s real as hell, if that’s what you are looking for. (I still haven’t found a good source that combines pleasure spankings with tender sex afterwards — so there’s an opportunity for you if you want to break into the spanking porn business.)

a good spanking

Thumbnail is from the movie Jesmi: Spanked And Ass-Fucked.

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The Impact Of A Belt Spanking

I’ve mentioned before I like impact shots. This crack of the belt is particularly delicious:

belt spanking with impact

From Girls Boarding School.

The Other Spanking Blog

This post hurts a little bit, but I gotta do it.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don’t agree — I think money is the sincerest form of flattery — but imitation is right up there.

A couple of months ago, I heard from some of the people (including the owner) at one of the bigger commercial spanking websites. They had noticed Spanking Blog, and wanted to know a little about what I was doing. They were curious and interested. We talked some business, exchanged some emails, and so forth. They wound up buying a banner ad, and I put up one of their affiliate banners on my spanking toplist and other places. Good business, productive exchange, yadda yadda.

Time passes. Then what to my wondering eye should appear, but a new spanking blog run by the owner of the company. First post: less than a week after the exchanges with me. And what’s it called? “The Spanking Blog.” The domain name? It’s “”.

I’ll be honest: all flattery aside, it made me grumpy. These guys have a well-established brand they could have leveraged, but instead, when it came to choosing a name or domain, they settled for imitation. I’ve emailed the owner, and we’ve had a frank exchange of views, and he of course doesn’t see it my way (although he’s frank in crediting me with prompting him to realize that there was an untapped market for his products in the blog world.)

But here’s the real kicker: He’s doing a damn fine job. His blog is good. Not very interactive, but with long essays about his time in the spanking business, and inside impressions of the models, with lots of good stories about what it’s like to produce spanking pictures and videos. All, of course, illustrated with the lovely photographs for which his company is justly famous. And designed by one of his on-staff designers, so it all looks smooth and professional.

By my own blogging standards, I have to link to him. You, my readers, will enjoy his blog, which is the only link criterion that’s truly important. But what I cannot bring myself to do, is to assist him in creating the brand confusion that he sought when he chose a name and domain so close to this blog’s. Thus, all future references and links on Spanking Blog will simply refer to “The Other One”. (That way, I won’t be contributing to the confusion between our spanking blogs that he seems to be hoping for.)

If you decide to link to The Other One, I hope you’ll join me in linking to it this way.

Spanking In Esquire Magazine

Here’s a spanking quote from the mainstream media:

Anybody can be turned on by a skillfully administered spanking — unless their personal history is getting in the way.
— Janet W. Hardy, 49, Oakland

As quoted in the January 2005 issue of Esquire.

Spanking And The Sex After

In Jezebel’s Secret Blog, she writes of her Master tying her over a high stool, spanking her, and then doing what you would expect:

but there is something new, something more on His agenda. it is face down over the seat of the high stool, hands tied to a waiting rope around the bases of its legs. it is sudden. i am not prepared for something new. He smacks my ass with his hands this time.

(lately, it seems, He’s brought spanking back with more … pain? more vigor? it hurts. that’s all i can say about it.)

hard. over and over. i’ve had a hard time counting, lately. He doesn’t require it, and He’s not stayed to the former “groups of three” idea. so i’m afraid to count. no predictions, no counting. spanking my ass hard. then fucking me. i thought i’d fall forward, but He had a good grip on my hips, squeezing his fingers into the places where it burned from the spanking. fucking me so hard, my hands gripped on the legs of the stool, inching my feet forward to help me balance. could feel only ass burning, pussy fucked, don’t fall

don’t fall

fucked hard. and then, suddenly, His cock in my ass. no, i can’t i haven’t i i i i he’s fucking my ass fucking my ass hard fucking fucking fucking and i’m beyond balance, beyond fucked only about cum in me hard cum i want my Master’s cum in my ass, Sir, please cum in my ass Master, please Sir, please Master, please please please please please

“No, I can’t, I haven’t….” The politically correct may continue to deny it, but sometimes “no” really does mean “yes”.

Dolcett Spanking Art

The BDSM artist Dolcett is infamous on the net for his extreme drawings of executions and asphyxiations and worse, but he also drew a fair number of “mainstream” (if severe) BDSM pictures. Here’s a very straightforward drawing of a buxom woman in bondage and crying as she receives a severe strapping:

dolcett spanking art

Via Bondage Blog.

Spanking Smiley

Bethie’s been busy with her new computer and her new animation software. If you’d been by her blog lately, you would have seen this nifty new spanking smiley:

spanking smiley

That’s her on the right, from the look of mock astonishment when the paddle comes out, to the cute little feet stompy-stompy when it lands, to the big slow smile after.

We may never rule the world, but now that Bethie’s on the job, we are at least going to animate it a little.

Figging Pictures, Anyone?

I’m delighted to report that my figging resources directory is now recommended by Mistress Matisse! She writes:

“A kinky man I know recently asked me my thoughts on figging, and I can do no better than to say go read this. I love ginger root…”

And while we are on the topic, do any of you delightful pervs out there have any figging photos or artwork that aren’t already on the site? I’m planning to update the figging directory soon, so if you know of any resources (especially visual) please email me with them or leave links in the comments.

The Best Spanking Of Her Life

Idunna from Of This Life writes about the best spanking of her life:

I can’t even describe how much I was tingling the whole time we were out doing errands. When we got home, I was immediately on my knees worshiping his manhood and then I assumed the position. THE BEST spanking of my life with a deliciously large vibrator poised inside just far enough to be ecstasy. Hands grasping ankles and ass high. It was amazing. The orgasm brought me to my knees, ass up and flower unprotected, he spanked me there as well. I had tears, it was so good. He let me climb on top finally and the sex was amazing. I was begging for things I never even thought I’d like, but he paid close attention and was very careful with me.

I always like to read about people having a spanking good time!

Attempts At Punishment

This is funny: How To Punish Your Submissive.

Found at Bondage Blog.

First And A Half Spanking

This is nifty — Anonymous Jane writes about her spanking that wasn’t quite her first spanking, yet really kinda sorta was:

I just wanted to let you all know that The Boy spanked me today. Another first for him. A semi-first for me.

I mean, I’ve been spanked before…the off-handed, timid (or occasionally not-so-timid) slap on the ass mid-fuck.

Never before have I been bent over the bed, his legs pinning mine down and together, he relentlessly and forcefully ensuring that the entire surface of both buttocks (do people say that any more? I mean really?) turns furiously red.

Never before has looking at my ass in the mirror been such a pleasurable experience. It’s been almost five hours, and it still tingles.

Heh, that means The Boy is doing it right!

Gentlemen, if your lady doesn’t have one of those old-fashioned large oval mirrors on the free-standing frame, that she can tilt to any angle, you should definitely get her one. It will give her hours of amusement, and when you catch her admiring her own red marks, you can offer to freshen up the fading spots. Money well spent.

Spankings With The Zapper

I’ve blogged before about The Zapper Paddle. As a spanking implement, it gives off a modest spark with each swat, while generating lots of twitching and kicking. (At least, when used on Bethie.) It leaves the cutest little white mark where it touches, although the mark fades rapidly and is gone in mere moments. It also generates a wicked smell with repeated swats — ozone of course, but with an evil whiff of singed microscopic body hairs. A nasty toy, but fun!

The new Wife Training blog takes the fun to a new level, at least in imagination:

This is marketed as an electric fly swatter, but I have seen them used as a spanking implement that delivers a shock with each swat. I personally see it as a way to shock your nipples. It seems a very quick and efficient way to introduce some negative reinforcement if I find you not to be serving my needs properly.

Probably a bad idea in reality (electric toys, even mild ones, don’t belong near the chest area, since the faint electrical signals that control the heart are said to be susceptible to disruption even by the tiniest of currents) but I can well imagine that applying this thing to the nipples would generate an immediate and urgent desire to please.

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