Candy Store Spankings

In the comments over at Spanking Bethie, someone writes:

The thick twisted red Twizzler licorice sticks make for really nasty spanking tools. The 12 inchers are bad, but the 24 inch ones they sell around Halloween are murder. Black twizzlers break, red ones don’t — and they really really hurt!!!!! Just so you know.

Sounds like she speaks from experience!

  1. jamiegirl commented on March 10th, 2005:

    i know from experience too. It hurts! i’m fairly certian it wasn’t a planned idea but Daddy decided one night to wallop me hard with red licorice that left some good welts.

  2. patty commented on March 10th, 2005:

    LOL!!!! yup…. experience… that’s it…

    I highly recommend making a licorice flogger…. red green & black licorice laces… take one or two of the black or the green ones and use it to wrap around the ends to make a nice handle… it makes a lovely and colorful bouquette of tails…

    Surprisingly, they hold up quite well, and in the hands of an evil spanker can sting ALOT!!!! and they make a nice sugary after spanking munch…. (they do get soft & sticky in hot weather, and if used over moist areas… hehehe)

    & I bet we’re not the only people to fool around & try something silly like that either. LOLOL…. dare ya to try it if you haven’t….

    SB you could ask folks to write in their strangest implement experiments… LOL…

  3. Linda commented on August 8th, 2013:

    How do you make the licorice flogger. I seen picture but need help on making it.

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