Red Gets A Spanking

From the Red Sneaker Diaries, a hot spanking, complete with pictures:

“And all you have to say about all this is that you’re sorry?” he asked, flatly. I tried to turn and look at him to say that I really was, when I was interrupted by a thwack on my right bum cheek (again!). I could feel it flushing, heat emanating from the outlines of the two hand slaps I could feel on my ass. Compared to the left (untouched) cheek, it felt hot enough to fry an egg. As I moaned, he again grabbed my hair and turned my face away. His rough hair tugging was sending silver shivers down my scalp to the base my spine, where it was mixing pleasantly with the heat collecting at the base of my spine from the warmth in my bum. And so I kept trying to look back at him.

His hand kept coming down, my face pushing into the pillow with each hit, ass wiggling in the air, shamelessly begging for more. At some point, he upped the intensity of the occasional smack from hard to ouch!, which changed everything. My ass dropped slightly, I swore loudly and turned to look at him angrily. He slowed, caressed, turned my head yet again and nudged me upwards. Soon enough, my ass was wiggling in the air with my stoicism freshly renewed. And then it was nothing but ouch! Oh, I pretty quickly numbed and floated away, swearing like a sailor, drooling on the pillow, ass however forever perky and wiggling, begging for just one more strike.

And one of the pretty pictures of the result:


Thanks, Red!

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