More Bath Brush Spanking

Hmmm, it seems Baltazar has discovered the joys of the bath brush:

When we got home I put the bath brush to the test with the spanking that she was owed. I have to say that I am very highly impressed with it’s effectiveness, especially with just how little effort is required! Here’s how it went…

I sat on the edge of the bed and told C that I was going to give her the spanking that I owed her, and she obligingly stretched out across my lap. I put my left hand on the small of her back and rested my left arm along her back to hold her steady, then taking the bath brush in my right hand I started off with the first stroke, noting that the brush seemed perfectly balanced and had just the right heft to it.

*pop* said the back of the brush to her bottom.

For the record, it was a quite gentle stroke in order to see the effect and to warm her bottom up a little. I wasn’t quite prepared for the loud yelp and immediate “I want to get away” wiggle that it elicited, and I wasn’t expecting the immediate pink oval that appeared on her bottom.

*POP* went the brush on her other buttock

*Yelp! Squeal! Wiggle!* “Ow! That’s evil!” went C.

I pinned her down more firmly. “You are owed this spanking, and this is how you are going to be given it”

*POP* went the brush again. Another loud yelp and another wiggle.

“Just think of it this way little one, with all your yelping, wiggling and wanting to get away, this is good practice for me for ‘taking you in hand’ at the start of a row”

“Yeah, but even so..”

*POP* went the brush again. More firmly this time.

“YOW!” yelped C.

*POP* *POP* went the brush, quickly and firmly once on each buttock, completing the six spanks she was owed.

C stood up, ruefully rubbing her bright red bottom.

Of course there’s more after that, because C called the innocent tool “the sodding thing”.

  1. Confused commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Innocent tool? Innocent???

    Yeah right *L*

  2. TheBoss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Heh. The bath brush is Invidia’s #1 most disliked implement. I use it sparingly but it is still feared! =)

  3. isabella_702 commented on March 10th, 2005:

    LOL… Lovely story.

  4. xia commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I’d probably be a bit more interested in a list of “must have” implements. My sir’s collection is still in its beginning stages.

    It’s just a thought, no heed needs to be taken to it lest you want.

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