Speaking of Birthday Spankings…

We just celebrated my birthday and SpankBoss made it one to remember…for both of us!

From the moment I woke up he was especially sweet to me and made me feel cherished and special. SB gave me some incredible goodies which included some fun items – a beautiful flogger and that funny pig tail I’ve been giggling about. Hey, I’m a kinky girl and I like my toys!

In fact, I was more than willing when SB offered to try the flogger out on my backside to see what I thought of it. I was busy nuzzling my face in the leather when he suggested it so it took me a minute to get back to the here and now, but I was glad I did. Mmmmm it was wonderful!

I thought he might go ahead and give me my birthday spanking then and there but he informed me that I wouldn’t get that treat until after dinner. Talk about a tease! But then I realized that if I got my spanking then, we’d probably miss our dinner reservation and I was reveling in being spoiled so I didn’t push the issue. I should definitely get some credit for that.

That evening we went out for a lovely dinner which included some very good wine. The result was that by the time we got home I was ready for the birthday party to start and SB didn’t disappoint. We were barely in the door when he told me to take off my clothes and get ready for my birthday spanking. Yippee! I scurried to obey and practically threw myself onto the bed when he indicated that’s where he wanted me.

I positioned myself, arching my back and wiggling my bottom in the air anxious for SB to deliver. He had said earlier that he wanted to use the flogger but I had expected him to use it later in the spanking. Imagine my surprise when if felt those leather tails caressing my backside ever so teasingly. I was a little apprehensive but SB definitely knew what he was doing. He landed strokes that went from slightly stingy to surprisingly ouchy but the whole experience was very arousing and I quickly found myself moaning and wriggling enjoying every stroke of my new toy. I had heard that floggers could be sensual but I had no idea just how much.

When SB stopped to rub my bottom, I guess he decided I’d had enough “warm up” and was ready for the main event. He sat on the bed and invited me over his lap. Happy to comply, I climbed across and settled in. I guess he was right about using the flogger first because the first swat of his hand surprised me. Normally a hand spanking doesn’t affect me right off, but this one did. Every swat of his large hand made me squawk and wiggle. I was loving it so much that I had a hard time keeping count. In fact, I considered miscounting so he’d have a reason to start over. But as much as I was enjoying myself, I was ready to … well … enjoy myself. You know what I mean! I was primed and ready for the main event — Birthday Sex! Ya gotta love Birthday Sex.

I won’t embarrass anyone with any further details but just so you know … it was an amazing birthday!

As for the comment I made earlier about us both having something to remember, I have a tender bottom as well as happy memories but SB also has something physical to remind him. The poor man seems to have strained something in his shoulder from all that vigorous spanking. The lengths he goes to trying to keep me happy! *grin*

  1. bethie commented on March 10th, 2005:

    :) Thanks everyone! It was a very happy birthday with gifts that just keep on giving! LOL

  2. B. commented on March 10th, 2005:

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bethie!

    Sounds like you two had a lovely time :-)

  3. patty commented on March 10th, 2005:

    How cool…. gotta love the smell of new leather…. mmmmmmm happy birthday

  4. cecile commented on March 10th, 2005:

    happy birthday to you…
    happy birthday to you….
    happy birthday to you-oooooouuuuu…
    happy birthday to you!!!!!

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