Hot Birthday Spanking

Violet Blue got a very good birthday spanking, and in public no less!

The bench was high, and had weird metal legs in front that required me to stand with my legs askew, spread wide, and lean far over at the waist. This was an extremely compromising position, though my back (and my exposed backside!) was on display to any spectators — I couldn’t see the rest of the room. It was scary, even though everyone at the party was a total stranger. I felt Hornboy’s hands on my waist; his feet nudged my feet even wider apart. He firmly pushed me all the way down onto the bench. I could feel the cool air on my hot bits, with no pubic hair to impede even the slightest draft. Than it came — thwack! Hornboy’s big, rough hand spanked my bottom.

He continued to knead my cheeks and massage my outer labia, interspersing with gentle and firm spanks. I held on tight to the bench. The pain, heat and arousal all clouded my mind; I couldn’t tell if there were more people in the room now, or no one. The minute I started to worry that someone would see me, see my dress hiked up over my round and red bottom, another hard, hot spank would jolt me back into my body.

“Are you counting?” Hornboy asked after several minutes. “Um, no” I giggled. He leaned over me, nuzzled my neck and cheek, kissed me and smiled. “Start counting.”

That’s just the beginning. Happy birthday!

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