Self-Appointed Arbiters Of Kink

A while back I had occasion to write the following miracle of muddy expression:

It never fails to entertain me when kinky people go all judgmental as soon as somebody takes their kink a little farther than they are comfortable with.

In a slightly different context, Mistress Matisse says something similar, only she says it much better:

It’s always amazing to me when people take on a sexually deviant identity and then try to set up restrictive rules about how that identity must be expressed. Hey, if you want to create an inflexible structure for yourself, I’m cool with that, although I might scratch my head over it privately. Why would you bother leaving behind other people’s repressive rules just to straight-jacket yourself all over again?

However, the idea that you can inflict your rules of identity on me is laughable. To me, that would be the ultimate submission — letting someone else decide how I could and could not express my sexuality. I’m far too dominant for that!

Which is why Matisse has a newspaper column and I (the gods be praised) do not.

  1. Patrick H. commented on March 10th, 2005:

    In one of my Dilbert collections here at home, there’s a cartoon where Dilbert is online looking for love, apparently in all the wrong places, at least for him.

    Panel 1: Dilbert is typing to her with Dogbert looking over his shoulder, and Dilbert asks what sorts of things she likes to do.

    Panel 2: Dilbert and Dogbert are both horrified. Dogbert’s ears are pointing skyward in terror, as is Dilbert’s necktie.

    Panel 3: Dilbert says, “you’d think with a name like Mistress Cruella, she’d try to be extra-nice to make up for it.”

    I love the Clueless Wonder he can often be. LMAO

  2. hotbot8 commented on September 25th, 2005:

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