“Threaten A Spanking, Will You? Ha!”

I’m giggling here. (And trust me, I’m a scary man when I giggle.) I just stumbled over a new-to-me blog called Joanie Writes. She writes about spanking, of which she gets plenty:

The power went out, and he blamed me. I said it was his fault, and teasingly ordered him to the bedroom for a spanking.

Now, there is NO way in holy hades I’m going to spank that man. He knows it, I know it, the entire world and universe knows it. But, he decided that was a sassy thing to say, and next thing I knew, I’m face down over the bed, and he’s spanking away with the leather rose paddle. My bottom is already tender. I really don’t want a spanking, but there it is, me butt up, getting smacked again. He went from that paddle to another, and then another, and I said, “Enough!” Oooops, big mistake!

“I will decide when it’s enough!”

He used every implement in the drawer, some several times over, and 40 minutes passed with me kicking, asking him to stop, and knowing that I was going to be sorer than sore by the time he stopped. At long last he did, and I went to fix my shorts and panties. Oh no, another mistake!

“I didn’t tell you that we were finished….” He started again, making sure to sting the thighs this time.

So why am I giggling? Because Joanie’s been married to this man for 34 years. I’ve had Bethie for less than a year, but she learned in the first two weeks not to threaten to spank me. It’s like messing around with Jim, you just don’t do it.

Unless, of course, you want a spanking.

  1. Joannie Writes commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Hi SpankBoss,I’m glad you enjoyed my blog… I giggled reading your report about YOUR giggling! LOL Thanks for the mention.


  2. kinkajou commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I don’t know (sorry, Joannie)–this woman’s blog really squicked me. Thirty-four years of marriage is, I suppose, its own justification–but her husband seems to beat her a lot, with no regard to her physical or emotional feelings. Often there’s no release or feeling of love, just pain–on one side–and control–on the other. Made me very unhappy to read.

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