Kelly Ripa Likes Her Caning?

I think I’ve seen the Reges & Kelly show once, in a motel room while putting on my shoes. I don’t do television morning shows.

However, I am amused by this viewer’s report:

Regis & Kelly were discussing the strict social rules that govern Singapore. Evidently, until recently it was illegal to chew gum there. I take it that Kelly is a gum chewer, and Regis warned her that Singapore is not the place for her to go. She agreed, and then mentioned that they are very strict about many other things as well, reminding Regis about that kid a few years ago who was caned there for some minor infraction. Regis said that caning was terrible (or words to that
effect) and Kelly agreed. But: then she added that it also depended on WHO WAS DOING THE CANING!


  1. TheBoss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Bah on Kelly. That fool was caned for being a fool. It should hurt and hurt bad! If all fools were caned as necessary, there would be far fewer fools in the world!

  2. walter commented on July 27th, 2008:

    If Kelly Ripa came to Singapore chewing gum. I sure would cane her. 12 of the best strokes would this naughty lady get. 12 of the very best strokes.

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