Rubber Spanking Paddle

There’s a long product review of a rubber paddle over at Clean Sheets, and boy do they make it sound like fun:

Finally, I struck downward over the top of her buttocks, in a direction parallel to her legs, whacking the center of each butt-cheek in turn. The paddle’s handle fit my hand comfortably and its natural flex allowed me to inflict a telling impact using mainly my wrist, with minimum arm swing. I alternated this with striking her sweet spot (the center of the lower buttocks just above the thighs), and — instructing her to spread her legs — softly thumping her labia.

Her bottom-cheeks colored deeply and immediately, evidence of one of the striking qualities of rubber: the way it momentarily adheres to the skin during impact, causing burning surface trauma as it departs from its cruel kiss. In contrast to its small size, the black rubber paddle’s half-inch thickness provides sufficient weight to deliver quite a pounding, if your partner likes it hard, while its balance and springiness permit a gentle, tapping rhythm just as easily.

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