The Spanking Mayor

Well, it was quite a long time ago. According to this article, in 1936 the Auckland Star printed a story about an aviatrix being patronized by the mayor of Auckland, NZ:

On October 16, 1936, the Star’s late edition reported that Jean Batten had “arrived at Mangere aerodrome at 5.05pm after leaving Lympne, Kent, on Monday, October 5, at 4.10am”. Pictures of the arrival showed the aviatrix in her trademark white flying suit.

Brewer Ernest Davis, the mayor of Auckland, called for three cheers, then declared: “I offer a prayer of thankfulness to Almighty God for bringing this young girl safely back to our own country.” This young girl was 26.

“`Words fail me to congratulate you on your wonderful achievement, but,’ the Mayor remarked jokingly, `you are a very naughty girl and you really want a good spanking for giving us such a terrible and anxious time.”‘

I’m surprised she didn’t strangle him on the spot with her natty white silk scarf.

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