Lunch Hour Spanking

Alternative post TITLE: “And That is How Pancho Villa Master And I Had Lunch Together.

Moving rapidly along:

Master came home from work for a late lunch. And to spank me. He had a dentist’s appointment […], wanted a sandwich, and then apparently decided my ass needed to burn. It wasn’t punishment, just a beating because He wanted to smack my ass for a while.

I made Him a pastrami and swiss, while naked because it’s a hot July day and nakedness just isn’t sane here in January. A wise Master appreciates opportunity.

Then, i laid myself over His lap and He walloped my ass while i struggled to be pliant and good. He was rough but very sensual this time, caressing for long moments over the curve of my ass and down my thigh to the ticklish back of my knee, then slapping me hard where the thigh meets the buttock just as i was sighing with enjoyment at the caress.

He alternately pulled at my hair and then forced my head back down low by pushing me down with a hand at my back. He manhandled, and He didn’t say a word for most of this time. It was half of a normal spanking. He started to let the smacks fall more quickly, but never to the level of intensity it usually becomes.

“Fuckable,” He said, and slid His hand between my thighs to sop at the wetness there. Then He told me He was done and had to get back to work.

Pastrami kisses, because He’s a romantic despite the rough hands.

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